paris, the city of hot french dudes.

Paris is also known for being the city of some really hot guys, because doesn't everything sound sexier in French? Most of the time, sure, but as with any city or small town, you have your not-so-great dudes. Here is a collection of essays about when love goes terribly wrong, the complete break-up diary of 2011, plus other stories about my experience with men in the City of Light.

Complete Paris Break-Up Diary.

Nice Gone Wrong.

A Frenchman Goes to the Bronx.

Intellectual Cocktail Parties.

That time when I was told to try T-R-Y to lose weight!

The Hot Ex at BHV.

Relapse in Guyville.

Je t' non plus.

The Ex and the Puffy Coat.

Selling the Drama.

Getting Over a Break-Up with Maroon 5?

bonjour paris: What I Learned from Dating in Paris.

Saying Goodbye to Monsieur Flaneur.

Fighting the Battle of Who Understands Less.

A Jog Through the Prominade Plantée Gone Sleazy.

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