paris, the city of language faux pas.

I can attest to the fact that with any move to a new city or country is bound to be rife with misunderstandings and sometimes total mayhem. I certainly have not always been able to express myself properly in French or have understood the Parisian way of life. Here are my favorite essays about me and the French coexisting.

Peep Show.

Cooking with the French.

I Love Vous.

You Went Out Like That?

Bring on the Cheese!

Allergic to What?

Shock a Parisian. Part I.

Crisis at Franprix.

Complicating Mes Devoirs.

Macaron Day Fail.

This Little Piggy Went to the Bank.

The Great Pumpkin.

Quel Chou? Kale Chou!

No Tulle at the Louvre!

French Lesson #2: Breadcrumbs.

Don't Talk to the Locals!

Adventures with French Doctors.

A Girl Walks into a Massage Parlor.

French Lesson #3: Garbage.

Let's Get a Drink?

Getting Caught in the Rain.

Building Relationships in Paris.

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