is paris always a good idea?

No, you haven't reached a different site. It's me. I just got a little bit of a facelift over here. So, bonjour! 

As I start to tick things off my to-do list...from 2015, I'm realizing that it's going to be a busier year than it was set out to be. Because last year was devoted to creating tiny life and feeling either hungover or stoned, cleaning up my blog and organizing years worth of essays got steamrolled by doing more important things like eating bread and sitting on my couch while staring off into space. Like I said, stoned. 

But it's 2016, my little guy is starting to develop a social life with Sophie the Giraffe, and my energy is slowly starting to return. Thank. God. I've turned back to light blogging to get back in the habit of writing again, (which for me was really difficult last year) and have picked up some writing assignments to warm up the writing muscles that stayed somewhat dormant for a good part of last year. 

With this renaissance, I wanted to come up with a new name since my pen name no longer made sense. The question was how can I convey my experiences in Paris while staying true to the theme of the blog? This blog has always been a peek into the Paris we don't read about on style blogs or the Paris that isn't depicted in perfume ads. But rather the humorous side of Paris for the single girl who dates guys who think she's fat, the broke girl who can't afford well...Paris, the nanny who sort of hates kids, the Fashion Week fatass whose boss was born in 1989, the heartbroken girl who can't seem to get it together, the new wife who still gets zits, and now the new mother who gets her and her baby kicked out of places.

This is the Paris I know. This is the Paris I love. And these are my stories. 

So, is Paris a Good Idea? Hell yeah, otherwise I wouldn't have gone through half of this shit.  

Thank you for reading and stay tuned! There's definitely more to discuss...


  1. Love this! So glad you are back even if it's "light" blogging. I miss my Lisa stories!

  2. Yours is a Bridget Jonesesque take on Paris, and thank Goodness for that breath of fresh air:)

  3. Welcome back (so to speak) and can't wait to see more. Your real life articles are a treat and much more interesting than a touristy look at Paris.

  4. Oh, thank goodness! I'm so glad you're back!!

  5. Yay!!!! Happy dance! 👯💃🏿

  6. Nice to see you back! I think you'll always be Ella in my head though (at least when you're blogging) x

  7. Welcome back, you've been missed!!!!

  8. I'm so glad you are writing again! I totally have used your blogs as a means of navigating some of my crazy new life in Paris!

  9. Thank you, everyone for your support! This is such a welcoming surprise. Thank you, thank you!
    I look forward to entertaining you.

  10. Your new blog looks fabulous. Kudos for a job well done on the makeover! As the ever astute Duchesse said, your take on Paris is always like a welcome breathe of fresh air.

  11. Looks wonderful! So pleased you didn't let some of the old material fall by the way side (wayside?) and so impressed with your re-fresh! xx

  12. [Sigh of relief] Was able to find your blog again! I had to take a hiatus due to mom visiting+work= no free time, and then I could not find miss coquine anywhere.
    I'm still like a year behind, so now that mum is gone...
    I hope the answer to your new blog's name is "Mais oui!", since I've set wheels in motion to head there.

    1. Hi there! Thanks for going through my blog and reading old posts! I've been catching all of your comments. Enjoy and let me know if you have any questions about your impending move to France!