un mariage juste parfait!

As many of you know, the reason for heading to New York for a week was officiate our wedding in the States! Getting married a second time around gave us the opportunity to change things we wish we had done differently the first time around. Reflecting back on it and the preceding week of preparation, it is already such a heartwarming memory.

The wedding was broken down into three parts: the first was a small impromptu ceremony by an ordained minister (whom I used to work with at a local New Age shop when I was a teen) in the gazebo of the Roslyn Duck Pond, followed by an early dinner at Bistro Citron in the historical village of Roslyn, then guests were invited back to my mom's house for Champagne, cheese, sweets and Pear Williams that we brought back from France. 

The story behind the location is as a little girl I was always charmed by the Roslyn Duck Pond (which has since been renamed Gerry Park). For my birthday every year, part of my present was to out to the Island from the city to spend the day in the park. Aurélien inherited my love for this park as well as the village a few years ago when we were first dating and I took him to Bistro Citron. Fast forward three years later, it seemed only perfect to host our American wedding dinner there.

Just like the French wedding it poured, but as we were saying our vows, in cinematic perfection the sun peeked out, the birds started to sign and the bells from the village clock tower rang. It was almost like we had planned it.

Here are some shots from our unforgettable day.

Many thanks to Cara and Jen for snapping these photos for us and for being all shades of amazing. The day really flowed so beautifully because of your help! I couldn't have asked for better friends. Merci beaucoup. 

The ducks.

Ceremony location.

Delighted to see Jenna!

Chit chat with Cara.

The dress was purchased last year during our trip to L.A at my old haunt vintage shop Ragg Mopp Vintage. Owner Vince who is responsible for 50% of my vintage collection agreed that this 1950's lace and velvet-trimmed dress would be perfect for a wedding reprise. I paired it with a mint green mohair Ralph Lauren cardigan from the 90s and pink tulle Badgley Mischka heels. Aurélien of course wore his white Repettos.

Initially I wanted to redo the fresh mint bouquet that I had at the French wedding but the American mint didn't hold the form, so Kobey at Muscari Flowers put together this blush pink peonies and calla lilies to match my shoes.

Aurel got his very first American barbershop haircut and shave
at Rudy's. The barbershop all the men in my family have been going to since the 50s.

When guests arrived at Bistro Citron they were offered a French 75 or a glass of Champagne garnished with a strawberry. Servers passed lobster tartines, duck confit tacos, truffle deviled eggs and warm Camembert drizzled in honey. I have to mention this because this was a detail missing at my French wedding and was happy to have such an inviting cocktail hour the second time. 

Bistro Citron did an incredible job from start to finish. From the inception, the planning, the table setting (they were aware of all vendettas and followed my table plan accordingly) to the impeccable service throughout the dinner. We, and most importantly the guests were pleased. The restaurant receives nothing but glowing reviews from us. Thank you for helping make our second special day so unforgettable.

The green trellis menus and tented place cards were designed through site Minted

Party favors were mini bottles of Grand Courtage Champagne.
For our pregnant guests or guests in recovery, we offered jars of Albert Ménès rose petal confiture and vintage box cameras.

Taking many trips from my mom's house down to the town of Roslyn and never having quarters to feed the meter, we assumed our guests would be presented with the same dilemma. My mom wrapped up bundles of quarters in tulle and mint green ribbon that Jen helped distribute after the ceremony. Yes, it's a bit odd giving our guests a dollar worth of quarters but at least it prevented them from having to get change at the deli!
To truly enjoy the night, we held back from snapping photos at the after party. Without much effort, my mom's house took on a Gatsby vibe (when on Long Island, eh?) with strung café lights and lanterns in the kitchen that extended to the garden, tea lights twinkled in quilted mason jars, vintage Champagne glasses and coupes were set out, the fridge was well stocked with Taittinger, an assortment of Italian and French cheeses, fruit, and sweet meringues were waiting for guests, a playlist of 1930s and 40s jazz played (okay, and a little Zou Bisou Bisou action), and of course an outfit change by me. In colors of yellow and powder blue, Muscari adorned the kitchen and the garden with bursts of spring.

It was the perfect end to an exceptional week. Admittedly, coming back to Paris two days after was a bit of a struggle, something I felt guilty about. This trip has raised some questions for can we manage to somehow live in both cities? My love for both has finally balanced out.

Note: This was not a sponsored post. We were just so pleased with everyone we worked with that we wanted to give them credit for a job extremely well done.


  1. Sadly I can't read just yet, but for now I just have to say
    - I LOVE it that it was in a gazebo.
    - I hope you know that rain augurs a happy marriage
    - your shoes are DIVINE, as is your hat, as are those peonies (as are YOU, but you know I think that already)
    - A's dimples and pride in you is adorable
    - am glad to see Jenna -, yet another picky picky - & is that your brother behind with umbrella?

    1. Thank you! Just one question: what hat?? That my dear, is my hair. : P

    2. too funny, yes I know your lovely hair, bob and all. But when I scrolled I saw a coaster with some gauze and thought it was a guest's hat (off a head) which was so pretty. Am here to find the brown underwear post to send to Jonathan to read for while we're having lunch. xx

  2. What a lovely and elegant party:) You both look blissful:) I'm very happy for you:) I'm especially happy that everyone seemed to be on their best behaviour;)

    Funny, I was just thinking about you yesterday, wondering if you and Aurélien would consider moving to New York at some point -- not for good, but for a few years perhaps. How great it is that you can call two of the most exciting cities in the world HOME:) And that you each have a native to help you explore or discover/rediscover them:)

  3. Congrats again! I love the photos - it has your perfect Ella Coquine touch! x

  4. It looks like it was the most charming affair! I can I just say, your hair looks amazing!

    P.S. when I was a little girl, I used to get my haircut at Rudy's... except this Rudy was on top of FAO Schwartz. Still, it didn't stop me from getting excited when I saw that Aurel went to Rudys ;) x

  5. AnonymousMay 22, 2014

    I was really looking forward to you writing about your second wedding (and of course wanting to see the photos!) and you didn't disappoint. Looks like an amazing day for you two! I really love your dress! Simple yet elegant. And the shoes are awesome!

    You both look so so happy.


  6. Joe and I felt so honored to be included and had an absolutely fantastic time! Thank you again for inviting us. You have definitely set the standard for how I hope my own wedding will be! Congrats again to the beautiful couple!
    Ps: I was definitely drunk when I wrote your card, could you tell? :)

  7. What a perfect day! Thank you so much for having us! Love you guys! xoxox

  8. well just WOW...the flowers are to die for..everything looks so wonderful..very happy for both of you..again.

    The pond and gazebo are so must be so glad you decided to do it there.

    pretty sure I had that same sweater back in the day...:))

    all the best to you both...this weekend if you are out and about walking on the sidewalks of Paris grab one of the poteaux for me...for some reason I just love them...weird I know, but they are like a good luck charm for me...

    AND YOU SAID VENDETTA...perfect.

    1. It's ALL about saying the word vendetta. It pops up in my novel..not to worry!

      How beautiful are the flowers?! They did such a lovely job. All I told them were the colors I would like and hydrangeas, they did the rest. It was such a lovely surprise to see them at the restaurant when we arrived. And to think I almost didn't have flowers...

      Thank you again for the well wishes, Deb!

  9. Beautiful wedding! You looked so elegant.

    It's really too bad you can't live in both Paris and New York City! I am a little surprised to see you write that your love for New York is now balanced with your love for Paris.

    I've often wondered how living in Paris would change my view of it. I just returned from one week in London and one week in Paris. (And yes, it rained on me in Paris, but I'm happy that I had 2.3 days that were rain-free.) On this, my second visit, it was exciting and wonderful, but maybe less exciting than the first visit. Either way, it made turning 40 so much easier. And now I'm bored to be back in an area where you have to drive to get anywhere. But I don't miss having to dodge the cigarette smoke : )

    Thanks for sharing your wedding pics and story.

  10. Congrats again! You both look lovely and I wish you both many, many more years of love laughter and joy. I adore the attention to details, everything looks perfecto!

  11. Oh WOW! - so amazingly BEAUTIFUL! - Congratulations on your second big day! <3

  12. Gorgeous! Very harmonious with your French wedding outfit too. And I only just heard of a French 75 cocktail and made a note on my phone to make them some time. Trust you to have them at your wedding ;)

    1. French 75s are so good...maybe a little too good! I know I had two myself. Yay! You picked up on the "homage" to the first dress with the pastel velvet accents. Great eye!

    2. AnonymousJune 01, 2014

      Never heard of a French 75 (nor has my French boyfriend) -- just Wiki'd it! I NEED ONE ASAP!!! I don't think they have them in the Alps -- maybe in Lyon ?

  13. Thank you everyone!! It was such a lovely day...rain and all. I wish I could get married every year. We had a blast organizing both! Thank you again for your comments and well wishes. xo.

  14. Hi.....I've not forgotten you, I just have no internet or 3G connection in my new apartment so I am a bit out of touch. When I do get to a place where there is wi-fi,I have to do boring things like banking and bills and utilities, so not much time to reply to my favourite bloggers.

    Wonderful to read this. What a great idea to have a second wedding. I love your vintage clothes, you carry them off so well. when I try vintage it just looks old!!! You both look wonderful and happy, happy. I am So happy for you.

    Love Denise

  15. AnonymousJune 01, 2014

    Wow..this all sounds so beautiful, elegant and incredible! You've had two weddings in your two cherished places- how sweet! I'm so glad it went fabulously! I'm envious of your wedding guests this time around. :)

    How lovely to be able to enjoy both places rather frequently -- I try to live vicariously thru you! You two look great btw! I love the hair and, as usual, your style!

  16. AnonymousJune 01, 2014

    P.S. I also have a particular LI duck pond that I cherished growing up! So funny! :P

  17. Sorry about the rain, but otherwise sounds like a fabulous day all round, glad it went so well!

  18. Gorgeous bride, handsome groom ( encore)! Love your new haircut. Congrats on the homeland nuptuals...such a lovely thing to do.

  19. Congrats again on the marriage! You looked beautiful and the groom's frames are to die for. I adore the setting of the wedding :) :)


    Until next time

  20. What a lovely celebration! And how fun to have two ceremonies. I'm going to be in the position myself of celebrating a marriage on two continents, so I'm very interested to see how you managed!