seven days in new york.

Wow. It's been two weeks since I have posted! In all of Ella Coquine history, this has never happened. What is going on? For those of you who follow me on Instagram and Twitter know that I am in New York for the week for a little post-holiday catch up with friends, family and broccoli di rabe Here are a few vignettes of my week:

I arrived at Charles de Gaulle last week at 7:30 am for a 10:30 flight to find out that we would not be taking off until 4:30. With 9 hours sitting in an airport ahead of me, my first response was to get coffee. Well, the Starbucks in the terminal was not offering hot coffee that day, and in true New York fashion I asked the barista what I was going to do with a frappucino in the middle of January. He told me that I was in luck, because they didn't have those either. The day went by faster than I had expected (no, I didn't go to the bar) and was upgraded to business class (as pictured above.)

In an early morning jetlag haze, an informerical for Cindy Crawford's Meaningful Beauty somehow managed to convince me that I needed the skin care system. You guys, I actually ordered it. I repeat, I pulled out my wallet and ordered something called Meaningful Beauty, only to read the horrific customer reviews after the order was placedI pretty much purchased a $39.95 (I used the promotion code Cindy123 for the discount) headache and am unable to cancel it since it is now considered a "return". Why do I get the feeling that Guthy-Renker will very much be a part of my 2014 reality? 

A showdown ensued in a train station on Long Island between a young girl and a crew of drunks who were quite audibly making themselves at home in the heated waiting room. The girl had asked them to be quiet as their belligerent conversations were disturbing her reading of "All the Rules: Time Tested Secrets for Capturing Mr. Right". Their ration? They told her to go to the library, accused the slim girl of being an "anorexisist", one of them threatened to punch the wall, and then told her to go to Grand Central and tell everyone to be quiet there too. In their defense, they were whispering so hey they were honoring her wishes. Sort of.

 Grand Central Station
Shhhh, everyone.
Headed out to Brooklyn to catch up with Jenn who runs the vegan recipe blog Lorimer Street Kitchen (remember that faux-mage I made? That's a Lorimer Street creation) and Miss Champagne Diet herself for a girl's night. Okay, so only bloggers would turn an impromptu girl's night into an event that we titled "Love Your Blog". 

 Havemeyer Street
Southside Williamsburg

Our three-person "event" came with its very own hashtag, a themed cocktail incorporating all of our blogs, Jenn's vegan treats (including an amazing cardamom donuts with rosewater glaze and pistachios!), and a make-up tutorial and application by me that went just wrong. I guess it is easier to do it on yourself...

Our organic lavender French 75.
(recipe on Lorimer Street Kitchen)

I have been enjoying being Stateside during this François Hollande scandal; getting the American perspective of the hot mess our French Pres has gotten himself into. The best was on the Today Show where they interviewed a French women in front of the Trocadéro métro stop (I know) decked out in fur, telling America that France doesn't have a strict policy against lying. You know, ça arrive. And of course members of my family have been looking at me with a single raised eyebrow, because you know, all Frenchmen inevitably cheat on their wives. N'importe quoi. 

It's been lovely getting a taste of New York but look forward to heading back to Paris. Who knew that the two cities would switch roles where Paris means work and life, and New York is where I now go to relax...


  1. Huh, I guess 'cos I was seeing you on IG I hadn't realised you weren't here!

    I've been having a good laugh at the French scandal, especially the French ministers crying out that their country was being made a laughing stock. Well, not really, just the president ;o)

    1. Yep, a quick trip to NY for this and that. It was nice being there to catch up, but it's even better being back. I slept for 24 hours! Aurel thought I was dead at some point. The jetlag coming back in brutal!

      I have to say, America was poking some fun at the country, especially since the randoms that were interviewed on the streets confirmed that "ALL" of France accepts adultery (so annoying and so untrue).

      I really did enjoy hearing the American news anchor say "oh la la", I even heard a "Oh mon dieu" at one point!

  2. Is it me or is Hollande not sticking around for another term?;) Doesn't look promising;) I've had the nagging feeling for a while that Sarko has not said his last word;) Well, he IS entertaining, that one:) (Mind you, so is Hollande, in his own unglamorous uncharismatic way;)

    You're not the only one who doesn't rest in Europe, let me tell ya!;)) I'm preparing for an all-nighter to get that 5,000-word nightmare out of the way. I'm about halfway through and I'm confident that I'll survive it and churn out something reasonably sensible and structured about the English legal system, but I can't wait for tomorrow (or today, as it were!) to be over! More later:) Wish me luck!:)

    1. Oy, who knows about next term. What do we have, another two years? I know many people are not pleased with his term but who knows what can happen in the next two years. I remember when I was 9, I was convinced that Clinton was going to get impeached over the Lewinksy scandal. Ugh, those were some uncomfortable social studies classes, especially when one of my classmates asked what exactly was found on the "blue dress"!

      So how is the nightmare going? Is it over yet? I hope so! Good luck. I hope you're enjoying this sunny Sunday in Europe! : )

  3. Glad you had a good vacation in New York. It's great to get a trip in right at the start of the new year! I hope you have more fun travels in store for 2014. I've been trying to figure out a short trip that wouldn't involve being cold. I don't do beaches, unless I'm forced to. And I have been.

    What I'm thinking right now is Montreal and Quebec City in mid to late May. And I'm crazily trying to talk my husband into driving there! Yes, from Memphis TN to Niagara Falls, then to Montreal and Quebec City. Am I maybe probably a horrible person for this? It's because I don't like flying and am intrigued about being about to drive to Canada, but also it will give me a chance to practice my French. Have you been to Quebec City? If so, I'm guessing you prefer Paris, or you would have moved there instead.

    Oh, and what surprised me most about the Hollande scandal was how everyone refers to his wronged lady as First Lady even thought they aren't married. This would never, ever ever happen in the U.S.! But, I guess just living together is more socially acceptable in France. I hope she recovers and moves on from this guy.

    1. The trip was great. I didn't do much. Spent most of it eat eating and reading. Aren't I such an NYC party girl?

      Deb (below) suggests Quebec City over Montreal if you're looking for a more French experience. I haven't been to either, or Canada for that matter! Thanks, Deb for the advice!

    2. It's so close to New York I thought maybe you had been. Montreal and Quebec City are very close together, so we might do both. Unless, of course, I decide I just can't stand to not return to France this year. Ha. I'm ready to plan away, but just trying to get husband to agree to the time off.

      Glad you had a lazy vacation.

  4. Oh, how i missed your blog, I have been n vacation and actually just came back from New York. As soon as i got back i click on my bookmark "ella coquine".

    I'm glad i didnt miss much :).

    Happy New Year :) I'm looking forward to see what 2014 have in store for you.

    Hope you had a great vacation and it wasnt as cold as it was when i was there.

    Oh and that Hollande scandal-its like hot of the press everyday. I really hope she recovers from her nervous breakdown and moves on from him.

  5. Hey..missed you but knew you are either stuck in an airport for a week or having fun...and finger has almost pulled the trigger on that Cindy Crawford stuff....almost.

    to Madeline...go to Quebec's beautiful...charming and way more french than Montreal where you might be hard pressed to actually hear french...

    1. Ahhhh! You almost bought that crap too?? The commercial is convincing, isn't it? I think it was Valerie Bertanilli's testamonials that got me to order. Italian women are my kryptonite! You're much smarter than me though, not to actually go through with it. Returning it is going to be a bitch!

      NY was fun but I'm back in Paris, spent the last 24 hours getting back on Paris time. Should be back in the swing of things tomorrow. Happy Sunday, Deb!

    2. Debbie, Thanks for the info. I have a few free Hilton nights that I got as a gift, so was thinking about the Hilton Quebec on the hill overlooking the old part of Quebec City. But I'm wondering if it wouldn't be nicer to stay in a more historic hotel. I'm looking forward to it though, wherever we stay.

    3. my only thing about staying up the hill is this..if it's cold and's a long walk up there....we stayed at the most charming place right in the old town...L'hotel de Vieux nice..check out their website..but you can't beat points either if you have them to use...

    4. Debbie, good point about the ice! I'm hoping that won't be a problem in mid to late May, but I guess it's still possible. I'll check out the hotel you mentioned. I don't have points but the free nights are a bonus for work and have to be used before August. Hilton is fine, but I also love hotels with more character! Thanks again.

  6. so... who was looking after Thomas and Franc (-:

  7. I wish I could have been in the States for the scandal! What did they think of the scooter? Did anyone notice? It's the scooter part of the whole affair that I'm obsessed with!

  8. The caption of your Grand Central picture made me laugh. Every time I go back to the tri-state area I inevitably witness at least one public transportation showdown too...