postcards from a party.

 Photo courtesy of Prête-Moi Paris

After months of planning, just like a wedding, The Champagne Social just seemed to come and go! How did that happen? One day I was sitting in my scorching hot apartment in July discussing the possibility of a party in November, to picking up Cara at Gare de Nord with bags of decorations, leaving a trail of glitter and confetti throughout Paris!

It was a rare occasion to see my favorite bloggers and friends really let loose, especially on Monday night. As much as I would love to take credit for that, I really can't; that was all the handy work of Peaches and George Michael allowing our girls to unleash their inner divas. I think I even heard someone reenacting vintage Tyra strutting down the runway in the "Too Funky" video. 

Okay, "someone." That was totally me.

Cara's book "Sparkle" was gifted to guests.

Photo courtesy of The Champagne Diet

The Habitat Parisien loft was pretty much incredible. And I'm not just saying that because they were gracious enough to let us celebrate there, but because it was. I have never seen so much space in a Parisian apartment outside of the 16th! It took me the entire weekend during our decoaration installation to discover the three story loft with its secret rooms, little nooks and unique layout. I didn't think a loft could be cozy, but it was and I didn't want to leave. I'm still having Popincourt Loft withdrawals. 

Working with Habitat Parisien was an absolute pleasure. They made us and our guests feel special, going above and beyond to accommodate I hope they are pleased with the outcome and that we didn't scare them off with our "I Love The Nightlife" group singalong. We had to. Imagine a glitter party without any disco. That would just be mean.

The Hydration Station
My 20s taught me how to drink, my 30s taught me to hydrate.
Faux-jitos encouraged guests to pad each glass of bubbly 
with a little sparkling eau.

No champagne party is complete without tiaras and a magic wand.
I mean, come on.

The photo "booth" 
Check out some of the shots on Prête-Moi Paris.
A portion of the bubbly was graciously provided by 
Did you know that they offer a champagne bottle 
hand-dipped in chocolate
So coquine!

Tassels, tassels, everywhere!
Lauren of Folies du Bonheur 
made our tassel dreams come true with these 
hand-sliced and hand-twisted beauties.

As the holidays approach with many people heading back home to snuggle up with their families, it was perfection to have one last bang before 2014. I don't believe in investing too much into New Year's Eve parties. (Is it just me or do they tend to always disappoint?) But a little pre-holiday champagne-fueled party with fabulous guests? Now that's a good time. 

Thank you to those who came and made the party so special just by being you, and to you dear readers for your encouraging comments. I hope you enjoyed these party pictures and recaps. I've since turned back in to a pumpkin and am back to work and do I have stories for you, oh to the là là...until then, bon week-end!

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  1. Looks like you might have found yourself a new successful career/sideline as a party planner!:) All those years crashing celebrity parties in LA are finally paying off!:)))) No one could ever accuse you of having a linear path in life;)

    Sorry I missed the party, but there will be many more, no doubt:)

    1. That's not a bad idea. Hmmmm. This is my last year working with the kids and I have to work so..... ; )

      I'm really looking forward to your visit in a few weeks! We need to settle on a day that is good for you and S to come for dinner. We'll discuss via email...

      The party really was a blast. We all let loose, people were comfortable and everyone is still talking about it! I did my job. : )

  2. OH what a NIGHT! Love this recap. Can we do it again? Like next week? :) xo

    1. I know! So. Much. Fun. I was so depressed when I sent you off in the cab to Gare de Nord. Come back. : (

  3. What, no tulle in your outfit?! I think NYE is always a let down, so I just do what I like at home now lol

    1. No tulle this time, just navy blue chiffon. I have to say, I don't have any outfit shots. How did I let THAT happen? Might have to do a champagne social reenactment!

  4. Fun! I love glitter so much. Looks like an awesome party. The hydrate station is such a good idea, and with mint & lime, nobody would even mind that there's no alcohol!~

    I agree that New Year's Eve is always a little disappointing. It's supposed to be magical, so if it's anything less than, you always feel cheated. I'll do something if I'm in the right mood with the right people, but sometimes staying at home with those closest to me sounds much better than traveling an hour both ways, fighting the crowds, and waiting in the cold for a bell ceremony or being pushed around at a bar by people who drank too much in their desperation to have a night to remember (that they'll only forget, in reality). Who knows, though... I might try to find some fun party to attend this year. ;)

    1. Hi Marina!

      The hydration station really was such a good idea. A lot of times at these fetes, the water option is overlooked and guests who don't drink or who are just thirsty have to search high and low for a glass of water. So this made it easier and fun to stay hydrated. I sipped on a few mock-tails during the evening myself.

      NYE! Ah! So much pressure, right? And for what? Like you wrote, "being pushed around at a bar by people who drank too much in their desperation to have a night to remember"...No thanks! A quiet night in with some bubbly and good food sounds just perfect. : )

  5. Sounds like an awesome party! I like chocolate and champagne as much as the next girl, but isn't a choc-dipped champagne bottle kinda impractical? I don't get it... I like the sparkly bottle though!

    1. Of course there's nothing practical about a chocolate-dipped champagne bottle! I think it would just make a fun gift because it's so over-the-top. Judging by the picture though, it looks like the chocolate chips off pretty easily. I intend on getting one at some point so I'll let you know!

      Thanks, I sparkled it by hand!

  6. Looks fabulous - just like you girls! I heard stories from Daisy and Danielle, sounded so fun!

  7. Looks great!!!!! So wish i was in Paris to attend this party :) ... I'm sure you'll have more after this success :)

  8. #colormejealous
    If I was there I would have been getting my Tyra on with you, Too Funky is one of my favorite videos of all time. x.

  9. These pictures are great, girlie! Well done. I found a craft store at Passy made my day! I thought of you when I choked on the price of glitter. LOL. T

  10. Thank you for a sparkly evening full of glittery fun! I'm also having Popincourt loft withdrawal symptoms. That place is amazing. How did I miss the hydration station? I noticed people with glasses of water, mint and lime but was too busy enjoying myself to track it down. Thanks again for a very memorable night!