it ain't easy being green.

My girlfriends back home have this running joke that Saint Patrick's Day is the only day that I suddenly reclaim my O'Last Name, citing that I'm some kind of fair-weather Irish gal. They're right. It's not because I'm denying who I am, I just don't know anything about the Irish side of my family. Like at all. My father who was half-Irish and half-Mexican didn't embrace his culture like my mother, whom we all know is 100% Italian.

He may not have known the depths of his cultural roots, but he was someone who acknowledged his wacky family, thus giving me the middle name Czarina, after his favorite aunt. 

By the way, none of us are Russian.

To celebrate today, I'm going to wear my mint green corduroys, attempt to make this roasted cabbage dish, decorate the house and perhaps go out for a mojito. Paris doesn't exactly make it easy being green like in New York where bagels, doughnuts and even beer are tinted green, but I'll work with what I have. 

Update: After reading Katy's comment, I was inspired to pick up some Guinness. Click here to see what we brewed up in observance of Saint Patrick's Day! Thanks Katy!!

What do candles have to do with St. Patty's Day?
Absolutely nothing.
I'm pulling at straws here looking for anything green in the house.

And not trying to over think it, but I felt judgement coming from 
these little guys here as they just sat and watched.
Way to contribute to the festivities, guys.  

I wish you all a Happy Saint Patty's Day!


  1. I'm a quarter Irish, too and always, always take note of today's holiday :). Although I won't be enjoying my mom's traditional corned beef and cabbage today (I get it from her father's side), I am on a quest for beer... or at least vinho verde. Happy St. Patrick's Day!

    1. You're a quarter Irish too? Oh of course you are, you're from NY! : )

      I hope you found your beer yesterday...or green wine? What is that? I need to Google that!

      I hope you had a lovely St. Patty's Day!!

  2. Those are seriously judgemental chickies, are you sure you didn't buy them from some horror movie shop, they look ready to attack at any moment!

    As an actual Irish person, let me tell you one thing. Corned beef? That's totally an American thing. Totally. Corned beef to us is this:

    Which is kind of beef minced and mushed and reformed with a kind of jelly. There is nothing that pisses me off more than hearing 'traditional Irish corned beef and cabbage' because it SO isn't! The American corned beef is brisket.

    St Patrick's day here is all about the Guinness, get Guinness and you're set :oD

    1. Hahaha those chickies will probably kill me in my sleep. Can't you just picture them with red blood on their furry beaks? Hahaha I'm gross.

      Oh no, we bastardized St. Patty's Day with fake traditional dishes?!?! of course we did. AHHH! I just clicked on the link. So, so, so, gross!! I never are corned beef, jsut cabbage, lots and lots o' cabbage.

      You inspired me to get my Guinness on yesterday and it was delish. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Happy Saint Paddy's Day, Ella! I love the green candles! Any kinda green is good today. Off to pour myself a Jameson! Much love xx

    1. Cheers! I hope you enjoyed you Jameson. I hope you were wearing something green! ; )

  4. Ah.. so you use your middle name for your last name? I have been confused about your Irish last name for some time now.

    I've got Irish on both sides, but since my mom's much closer to her Italian roots that her Irish (and she was the cooker/baker or the house), I didn't grow up with much of the food (thankfully! ha)... I do remember Irish soda (or beer) bread on St. Patty's though.

    I LOVE your candles. Great photos too.

    We had brunch at a local Irish-American restaurant, so that was festive enough for me. A mojito sounds much more appetizing than a Guinness, enjoy it! Here we've got the green stuff (Chartreuse!). Chin chin! Happy St Patty's Day!

    P.S. Just saw photos of your Guinness B.M. Bold idea! Was it good?

    1. Yes I use my middle name as my last. It's just so pretty and it was hidden all though my childhood, so I wanted to bring her out once I graduated school.

      I ended up not having a mojito and had the Guinness cocktail! Both would have been too heavy.

      I hope you enjoyed your brunch! Now that St. Patty's Day is over, can it FINALLY be spring? We've paid our winter dues!

  5. I'm not so sure about the idea of a Guinness cocktail, but glad you enjoyed! I celebrated in the wee small hours of the morning - but with Irish cider instead. We found out a few years ago that my family is Irish on my maternal grandmother's side. She had always said that we weren't, since as I'm sure you know there used to be a lot of prejudice against the Irish, but an aunt did some genealogical research and found it out. Shouldn't have been too surprising for a huge Catholic family!

    1. I promise it's really good! I'll have to make you one! It tasted like a bloody mary but with beer. I'll have to make one with a side of my spinach pasta dish that you also weren't sold on. : )

  6. Happy belated st Patricks day.....which pretty much goes by unnoticed in these parts....must be the only place in the world! Love the candles and all the effort you made.

    I think most families have some Irish in them, except mine. Family myth had it that my paternal grandparents were Irish, but when I traced my family tree I discovered they both came from Wigan and try as I may I could only find pure Anglo Saxon blood in my veins, in fact I am more English than the Queen!

    Enjoy your Guiness!

    Love Denise

    1. Happy belated St. Patty's day to you too! NOW, it's officially spring!! I'm you can see.

      Wow, so are you 100% English? I don't know many people that are 100% anything, it's usually because there's some trace of Irish history hidden in there somewhere!

      The Guinness was delish, I could only have one though. I forgot how heavy that beer is!