Paris 65.

Last week, my favorite expert on expat living Mary Kay (of Out and About in Paris) to join her for Fashion's Night Out Paris. I nearly squealed with excitement after reading her email inviting me to the event that kicks off fashion week. Having gone several times in New York where it can get pretty chaotic, I had to see how the French celebrated this global party hosted by Vogue. As expected, it was more refined, the participating boutiques less crowded (read: immediate access to champagne), and the fashion choices by the guests more daring.

Since I've just been re-booked to work the showrooms for the upcoming Paris Fashion Week, this evening was the perfect warm-up for what's in store for me for the next few weeks; pure fashion pandemonium. 

Now that I'm just a part-time fashion participator, I really savor each moment and absorb all the glitz and glamour that comes with these events. Highlights of my Fashion's Night Out Paris edition included stalking the server passing out hors d'oeuvres at Missoni, and patting him on the shoulder to thank him for once again making his rounds closer to me, which lead him to accuse me of wiping my greasy hands on him. Score. Or when I wanted to smuggle into the tightly red-roped Givenchy party, saw someone I had worked with in New York in the hopes he knew someone who could get us in and getting the eye roll. Rad. And my favorite, being face-to-face with the most perfect ass in French lingerie at La Perla reminding me to renew my expired gym membership because I could barely snap my skirt closed that evening. Trop cool.

All that good stuff aside, for me, the event that made the night truly special, la crème de la crème of FNO was the swinging fête hosted at Roger Vivier's boutique where it was if we had time-warped back to Paris, 1965. 

If I had to choose one decade to revisit where fashion and music was fresh and fun, it would be the 60s. The evolution from the 50s to the 60s, where hemlines got shorter, music got a little louder, and dancing became more free, fascinates me. How can two periods be so close in time, yet so different in culture?

My inner-mod, and former American Dreams extra just fell for the rainbow of his signature buckled ballet flats and in my head, pieced together looks (complete with hair dos, contrasting colored tights, and handbags) for each color.

Well if this painting doesn't say it all...

To add to the total 60's vibe, the legendary Bertrand Burgulat and his group A.S Concert played two sets in the spacious loft that looked out on to rue du Faubourg Saint-Honoré where the fashion energy was just exploding out on to the street. BB being heavily influenced by iconic French pop stars France Gall and Bardot (the original BB), Burgalat is responsible for lending his breezy cool 60s vibe on his production work with Air, April March and his own recordings.


Me and Bertrand.
How cute is he?
Photo courtesy of Out and About in Paris.

Love this.
He's clearly interested and she can't be bothered.
In fashion, you always have to look bored like Miss Pinky over here.

I was never able to pull off looking bored because I get way too excited about things like free champagne and dance music, and made these videos to share with you my love of little French men, pop and kitch moments in Paris. I swear sometimes this is one of the reasons I moved here.

Many thanks to Finding Noon and Mary-Kay for a much-needed girl's night out, getting me back into the fashion swing of things, and allowing me to catch up with you two very saucy, sassy minxes!

This rentrée back is certainly shaping up to be the best one I've had yet...

...because we all know what was happening this time last year.


  1. Sounds fab! I'm interested that the fashion was more daring over here, I always think of the general French population as conservative and unfashionable in the trendy sense, but maybe the true fashionistas make up for it!

    1. I agree with you Gwan. I came here thinking that the fashion was going to be over-the-top, from what I see on French fashion runways and was disappointed to see that while French girls are chic, their choices are very simple and trendy.

      I guess for Fashion's Night Out, everyone pulled out the stops and whistles. Including me, I don't wear structured, hot pink kilts everyday! Although I really should...

  2. Hey Ella, need a napkin? Just a sec and I'll get a French waiter for you. I'm still laughing about your exchange with the guy in Missoni!

    I love the Youtube video of Bertrand! And as for the perfect ass in French lingerie, I'm so happy that Sylvia took a close-up of it because it's incredible...almost artlike in its perfection.

    It was so good to see you. It had been way TOO long!

    1. I had fun with that server, he was so French and annoyed with my enormous appetite! He probably took the job thinking he wouldn't have had to work that much because you know, people in fashion don't eat. Little did he know what lied ahead of him...meeting me!

      The videos came out alright. I'm happy with them! Glad you like them too, as a way to capture the night. What's funny was that on my way home that night, I realized I had an album of Bertrand Burgulat on my iPod! I was a fan and didn't even know it!

      It was great to see you too! I had a blast!

  3. Having made the transition from the 50's to the 60's as a teen, I do think life then was very exciting...the changes being very large and dramatic. Our dress styles and hem lengths were different almost daily. Everything we did was daring and bold...we wanted to shock the older ways out of existence.

    The line-up of ballet flats with the big square buckle reminds me of the fad where we bought clip-ons to change the look of our plain they still have clip-ons?... I'm really out of it as far as fashion is concerned. Most of what I see today is a "redo" as the fashion cycle continues to spin.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment Mem! I love hearing about this decade from people who have actually lived it! I'm just a poser who wishes she was born in this era! I'm sure you had some amazing clothes! If you ever feel like posting a photo sometime, I know someone who would be very interested (me) !

      I haven't seen clip-ons for flats, but the idea is genius!

      Oh you are absolutely right, nothing is ever new in fashion. Now everything is "an homage to" something that has already been done! I love when they use homage, a fancy way of saying copying.

  4. Someone has a gorgeous pair of eyes!
    You look fab!

    I'm so glad you got to go Fashion's Night Out -- looks fun! Thanks for the pics and videos!

    A few days ago I stared being officially able to work in France -- so I may look for jobs in Paris! Though, it will be hard to leave the mountains/south so I may end up in Lyon instead. Anyways, I have a gf who just moved to Paris so now I can visit more often as I have a place to crash! I hope to get there this Fall like I did last year and maybe even catch the Fashion Week craze.

    About the gym... that's one of the reasons I think of moving to Paris.. as gym's are not even close to affordable in this region!

    1. Thanks Dana! I'm totally peeking from behind my fan.

      Congrats on officially being able to work here!! Bravo!!!

      Gyms aren't cheap here either. To renew my membership, it will cost 600euros for the year. I go everyday, so it's worth it but still...there's no Lucille Roberts here! None of this 19.99/month business!

    2. AH zut... no cheap gyms. I was looking at Berlin at they have 17/month sort of prices! And very clean.. Can't work in Berlin though!

      And thanks :) Yes.. it finally arrived!

      You look really fun - your expression and outfit. And those shoes!

      Yes.. I had the Bally's membership where I could go to any location in NYC.. so could go to the Bally's near work or Bally's near home. Swimming pool. I need to find something affordable I can do here.. other than mountain climbing/via ferrata (which is everywhere, and free) because I dunno.. I'm just not a mountain-climbing sorta' chick! ha.. Looking fwd to the ski season! You should experience being up in the snowy, Belledonne mountains one of these winters. As well as the Chartreuse (it's mystical up there.. there are even monks). It's fabulous and surreal, a French experience that is a must.. and in the Alps it is often so sunny, especially on top of the Belledonne -- so you're not even cold! I won't even get into the food...


  5. What a fun night you three had! I love your outfit and those buckle shoes! I swear my mom had a pair that looked just like that. I think you'd fit right in with the 1960s :)

    1. It was totes fun! I seriously heart those buckled flats! They have officially been put on my fashion dream list! Finding Noon says that they bite is pain!

  6. Replies
    1. Thanks! It was a good time. Next time you're here, we'll go do something fab! I heard that Beauvais is a cool part of "Paris". Let's check it out! ; )

  7. I wish I lived in Paris. I really really do. x.