Thinking of You....

For my last full day in New York, yesterday I indulged in an afternoon date in my summer's best, and took long and scenic drive over to Brookville to Young's Farm.

As kids, this family-run farm was summer staple for me and my brother Andrew. My grandmother used to take us here to pick up locally grown vegetables, juicy strawberries, and homemade pies for our Sunday family feast. Each time, she would always treat us to a little trinket from their general store. Our favorite was the wooden and metal screen lightning bug house, a summer memory we still talk about to this day. The lightning bug house lasted for several summers, and every year the plan was to capture as many of these glowing bugs as we could on Long Island, and bring them back to the city to light up our rooms and feel that Grandma was still with us. The plan always failed because they would die from the harsh florescent lighting on the LIRR train back into the city. And each time it was pure devastation. My poor mother had to console us as we peeked our big curious eyes through the screen at our lightning bugs corpses.

Yesterday, while picking out cheeses, breads and morning scones for my mom to thank her for all of her help this year, and thinking about my trip back to Paris, you know who I was also thinking about and who I was kept reminded of?

You. Well some of you. My blogging girlfriends in particular. Am I creepy? No really. Tell me. Or does this just make me a total dork for thinking about the blogosphere when I should have been thinking solely about my mom?

Either way, while snapping photos, here are some things at the farm that whisked me back to my blog posse and some of their posts from the past....

Kristen at The Kale Project
Thinking of you, I was outraged that there was no kale here!
Thanks for turning me on to this super green.
I can't wait to have access to it in Paris!

This is a spinach and strawberry salad 
sprinkled with chunks of pink champagne cheddar cheese
that I picked up at the farm.
Yes. Pink Champagne Cheese. 
So yum. So you.

Gwannel Sandiego
who appreciates wine o' clock as much as I do.
We so need this sign!

While taking this photo, 
I thought about one of your posts from last year 
about Sèvres porcelain.
These are exactly dainty and porcelain but they're really charming.
So French country, right?

A fellow New Yorker in France who also shares my love of cheese.
I suspect this is the reason why we jumped the pond!

This is what I imagine the LPV to look like-ish.
Am I off?

I can imagine you cooking up something 
fabulous and "Californian" using these colanders.
You're my cooking inspiration, 
even though I bombed half of the recipes I've tried from your blog!

Being a big fan of quality alone time, my afternoon was the perfect end to a perfect season. I really feel like I made the most of this summer. I enjoyed time with my family, took on new projects, relaxed, and appreciated the simplicity of gardening, preparing food, and sitting in my mom's backyard with a smoothie and a trashy magazine. Summer, you did me proud this year and I'm going to miss you, but fall I'm ready to embrace you and to finally come home.

Bon dimanche!


  1. That's so sweet! I love that I'm wine o'clock, but where oh where do I get this reputation?!? ;) The other night I got an email from a friend who lives in England and, with a young baby, maybe parties a tad less than she used to. She said that she cut into a lime and was transported back to having vodka, lemon and limes with me in Wellington. I loved that lime=booze=me, ha ha!

    Also, I love those colanders! And at first I thought it said you went there to "pick vegetables" not "pick up vegetables", which reminded me of when I was a kid and we'd go places where you could pick your own strawberries etc. - you were meant to stick them in baskets and get them weighed, but in practice half of them always got eaten long before you got inside. Do you have places like that in the US? #fondmemories

    1. I have no idea where you get the reputation!! As I said to MK (below), it may have something to do with your sultry photos while holding a cocktail!

      Mmmm lime and vodka. Were they shots or cocktails? That sounds good. So summer.

      Picking veggies, pumpkins and apples do exist in New York but I have never done it. For no reason really, just never got around to it. We need an apple picking date. You. Me. And some spiked cider. What do you say? : )

  2. Now you've done it... I've gone all mushy and sappy!
    Thanks for thinking of me. That photo isn't quite what The LPV looks like but it does look like that not far from here. One day you'll have to come and see it for yourself :)
    Safe travels back home to Paris.x.

    1. I figured that I was terribly off but when I was taking the photo, I immediately thought of you and mumbled/whispered LPV...

  3. Oh, you're so sweet! What a heartwarming post to read on my first full day back in Paris when I'm feeling kind of down about being so far away from my kids again. I love the photos that you matched with the other bloggers, although I'm kind of jealous that Gwan gets to be wine o'clock! ;)

    The weather is definitely cooler in Paris than it was in Annapolis. There's a sense of fall in the air and the feeling of anticipation that comes with "la rentrée". Savor your last days with your mom, as you have been doing, and have a safe trip. I look forward to seeing you again and giving you a BIG "welcome home" hug.

    And please give your mom a hug from me before you leave - I know that she's going to miss you tremendously!

    1. Hahahaha!! I'm not sure if it's the expression itself or thinking about the witty, dry and sarcastic Gwan, but the "Gwan gets to be wine o' clock" cracks me up. She is always posting sultry photos of her with a glass of wine in her hand so she has earned the title! LOL!

      I'm so glad to be back and thrown in to the swing of things around here!

      I look forward to seeing you soon!!!

  4. Wow Ella, how you've touched me SO! Merci beaucoup -- comme c'est sympathique ça. : - ) !!! So funny.. I haven't read your post until now because this Sunday, I was actually at a cow farm, petting cows and eating cow cheese... and watching a cow give birth! How funny!

    Growing up on LI and always wanting to 'escape', you make me want to go back and see it through your eyes and visit the lovely places you mention and photograph! I appreciate you for thinking of me. ... and I'd really love to visit this farm and try that cheese!

    ...and In fact, I have mentioned you to some of my friends here as well as numerous times to mon chéri. :)

    Bon voyage à Paris <3

    1. Of course I thought of you when I saw that fridge full of New York cheese! You are always writing and photographing all the amazing food you eat in Grenoble, cheese definitely included!

      You MUST check out that Young's Farm when you're back on the Island. It's so quaint. And the pink champagne cheddar is to die for. I miss it already. They have a port wine cheese option too which is just as good!

  5. What a lovely post, and no thinking of your friends abroad while shopping for your mum doesn't make you a creep at all! Super snaps, and I looked for Kale in the Kristen photo for a while till I saw your caption and realised, duh, it's not there, dingbat!

    Glad you had such a rewarding summer and that you're looking forward to getting back, too!

    1. I just saw this, Daisy! Thank you for commenting! I feel like a bitch that I didn't respond to you!!

      We need to grab a coffee...soon!!

  6. Miss Ella, you are so sweet! Even though we've never officially met, I often think of you, my Paris friend, and talk about you to my girls like I know you. Yes, it sounds totally creepy I know...but you (and this lovely blog) are such an inspiration to me!

    Lots of love from CA


    1. Awww thanks Lauren! I NEED your blog because I use all of the recipes you post! Seb thinks I'm all "culinary" even though I ruined that Blackberry pizza recipe! All the other ones have been edible because I have just added more cheese.

      I need to improve in the kitchen, but thanks to you I'm making more than omelettes with whatever is in the fridge! xo!

  7. Awww, you are so sweet! I was thinking of you TOO, yesterday, wondering if you made your flight! Blogfriendlove 4eva!!!!

    1. Flight made! In Paris. Couldn't be happier.

      OH word, blog friend 4 eva?! Aw shucks.


  8. hi! i know this is late but i was away when you posted this without actual internet.
    but THANK YOU for the shout out and always looking for kale for me :) heart you!