Twinkle Toes.

Now that my paperwork has been approved, visa has been obtained, and French law prohibits me to enter the country until mid-August, I'm officially on vacation. And you know what? I'm loving every second of it. I really don't want to rush the summer away. Is it just me or as we get older, time seems to speed by? Mid-August will be here in a flash, and I know that my days of enjoying my morning runs, followed by a swim in the pool that my next door neighbor gives me carte blanche to use, preparing summer dishes like homemade guac and ceviche tacos, and gardening (I find weeding to be extremely satisfying) are limited, so why not take advantage?

Leaving my domestic routine for an afternoon, my mother and I took a trip to a department store to purchase a gift for my grandfather's upcoming birthday. After being inundated with pastel-colored golf shirts and chinos, we needed a chick break in the form of footwear and came across what would have been the ultimate purchase of 1986.

Take a look at these tofutti* cuties... 

*tofutti not included

Just what my inner six year old has been looking for! These Nina Frosted Jelly Ballerinas are the real deal! They even smell like childhood in the 80s! While I absolutely love the adult pairs that are out there, especially the pair that la femme Kristen had profiled not too long ago, being a lover of nostalgia, I couldn't resist these throwback slip-ons. What was it about jellies that was so special to us girls? Was it that clicking, grown-up high-heel sound they made when we walked on hard surfaces? Or the fact that at any given moment we could run through sprinklers, or in my case the fountains at Washington Square Park without taking our shoes off? Whatever the reason was, it is was a component of our childhood, creating a fashion bond for us ladies born before the 90s.

So presh that I had to stage an enchanted photo shoot.

As cute as they are, there is a catch, isn't there always? You must have small feet. Not freakishly small but a size 6 or 7. Why is that? Because these are authentic jellies which means they really are made for little girls. Much to my mother's shock, I managed to comfortably get my tootsies into them. Phew. I was worried.

So if being super girly is your thing (we all know it's mine), have smallish feet, and want to take a walk down memory lane in a summer classic, these little gems by Nina are your go-tos!

 Oh, and this my domestic look complete with 
a spatula and wooden spoon in my pocket. 
No, I'm not missing an arm. 
I was dramatically pointing at a low-flying plane when my mom 
took this impromptu photo.
I'm all Tatu here...
"The plane! The plane!"

Happy Sunday everyone! How are you enjoying your day?

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  1. Replies
    1. How cute are they? I feel like a kid again!!

  2. Oh my gosh, I looooved my jellies! So cute that you're reliving the '80s with some sweet footwear. :)

    1. Aw, thanks! I'm definitely in flash back mode! Didn't you feel like such a grown up in these little lady shoes? I have been wearing them everyday.

  3. AnonymousJuly 22, 2012

    Absolutely adorable! You look so cute; loving the pose and the outfit in the sweet garden! xx
    I could never fit in those shoes ha.
    Glad you're enjoying your vaycay!

    1. Thanks D! I love my mom's garden. It's so overgrown, Miss Havisham style. I wish they came in bigger sizes. They'd be a hit!

      Thank you! I've been enjoying these final days of down time. : )

  4. Yay that your visa is now in hand!

    I love those shoes! I adored them as a kid, but my mother would never get them for me. Now, my feet are far too big to fit in those! Sad.

    1. Yay, indeed. Please keep us posted on the arrival of yours. I have a feeling you're all set, it's just the waiting that's a pain! Courage! : )

  5. Enjoy your vacation. If you play in the sprinkler while wearing your adorable jellies, be sure to post a photo!

    Ceviche tacos - yum!!! And by the way, being domestic suits you. I love the sunshiny look of your yellow dress!

    1. MK. There is no way in hell I would post a full frontal photo of me in a bathing suit! Haha. I'd scare off many readers!!!

      Thank you!! You know the outfit is actually two pieces! The top is an eyelet button down of my grandmothers from the 60s, and the skirt I bought for 2 dollars in LA. I had it fluffed and brighten by the dry cleaner and shorten to make it less Polly Anna and more 50's house wife. I love vintage!

  6. Ahh I loved those shoes as a kid! I think I had every color. Damn my too large feet now though...they would never fit!

    And a BIG congrats on obtaining your visa! Paris is lucky to have you!


    1. So throw back, right? I feel like a little girl tap dancing around my mom's house in them. Yep...I'm bored. I should bombard Nina with emails for them to create an adult jellies line!

      Thanks, L! I'm so happy to have my visa..and now I can breathe! : )


  7. Those shoes are so lovely! I was just thinking about how much fun I had playing with jelly shoes as a kid. And please, please enjoy your summer break - I'm wishing that I had enjoyed mine more and cherished it!

    1. Hi Katherine! Thanks for your comment and welcome! You're new here. : )

      Great advice. I am trying to take advantage of every moment of downtime I have because I know come September, it's back to the real world of finding a job and a new apartment! Good times!

      In the meantime, I'll just wear my jellies and go for a swim with them still on!

      Thank you again for commenting!

  8. Jellies?! Jellies?! I'm so freaking jealous right this second! I wanted a pair so badly when I was a kid but my parents refused to allow me to walk around in shoes that were so obviously plastic. But man oh man, how I wanted a pair!