Don't Cry for Us Argentina.

Trust me, they aren't crying for us...

We're leaving Argentina, and I don't think anyone will be missing us. After getting chased down by the pimp who caught me snapping a photo of the old lady in the little red riding costume yesterday, and my mom torturing the locals with her rendition of "Madonna songs", Argentina has had enough of us.

Who has also had enough of me, is my mother. She might just murder me. I have told several friends and family via the internet, that the reason we are in Buenos Aires is because she is getting "work" done; a big draw to coming down to South America for some. The funny thing is that my mom is not concerned that I am lying about her getting nipped and tucked, and that people will judge her for unnaturally enhancing herself, that she doesn't care about. What her concern is, and I quote: "I don't look like I just got Botox, I look awful, and everyone will think that I got ripped off!" Spoken like a true Italian. Looking bad? That we can handle (well, sometimes), but getting ripped off? Ay-o. Not gonna happen on this side of the L.I.E. Hence why my guidette claws came out during the summer sublet robbery scandal. The "You Toucha My Keys, I Breaka Your Face!" key chain exists in our house for a reason.

We didn't explore as much as I would have liked, but this trip wasn't about me, it was about my mom. She hasn't been well, and she wanted a little trip away to eat good food, rest, reenact Marilyn's classic "Diamonds Are A Girl's Best Friend" scene, go to the spa, and of course...drink wine (which I have been controlling considering her situation). I'm officially Dorothy and she's Sophia.

We spent a relaxing trip together before Monday because guess what? It's back to the grind stone, and Miss Coquine has her little appointment at the French consulate. Oh man, my passport is so shady. Let's see what curve balls they'll throw my way....good times.

Here are some last looks in Argentina...

Café con caramelo.
I'm such a piglet, I got caramel everywhere.

Argentina pride.

So PanAm!

"On s'fait des langues en Ford Mustang"

 The biggest tree trunk I have seen since visiting 
my brother at the Humboldt State University back in 1998.
Look at this guy!
He's huge! 

Bon week-end à tous!

What was happening a year ago today? 


  1. Sorry to hear that your mom hasn't been feeling well but I'm sure that spending time with you was the perfect medicine!

    Good luck with the French consulate. Having a somewhat sketchy passport myself, I can relate to some of the questions that they'll probably ask you.

    1. Thanks, MK. I'm keeping an eye on her and shes ready to kill me. I guess the tables turn as we get older. I feel like a nagging mother, shooing her away from foods she shouldn't be eating, and monitoring her water intake.

      My rdv should be interesting. I'm actually looking for to it! Bring it on!!

      Happy 14th and boogie on!

  2. It's always nice to return home. What does the French Consulate consider sketchy these days? Bon Week-end!

    1. I have no idea what they consider sketchy. They always manage to find something, so we'll see. I'm prepared for almost anything though! I can take 'em!

      Bon weekend to you too!

  3. Good luck! If (when) we meet up, can you say "you touch-a my keys, I break-a your face" for me pleeease? It might even be as exciting as last night when a French person said "double-poney", and that had me basically clapping my hands in girlish glee.

    1. Thanks Gwan! I will most certainly say it for you, in my best accent, this side of the Long Island Expressway.

      Have you ever seen the movie "My Blue Heaven"? Steve Martin's girlfriend Linda (red hair) would so have a 'You Toucha My Keys, I Breaka Your Face" key chain.

      Check out the clip:

      My Blue Heaven

      Double-poney!!! Hahahahaha. I'll be sure to ask Seb to say it, next time we skype. So funny!

  4. I just meandered over here from Sara in le Petit Village, and just reading through a few random posts had me giggling like a small child. :) Following along now and thanks for making a rainy night in Germany more entertaining!

    1. Hi Heather! Thank you and welcome!!

      I'm glad I was able to entertain you on a rainy Friday night! I'm looking forward to reading up on your adventures in Germany! You will be the first expat in Germany blog that I will be following. I'm excited to see what goes on over there!

      Thank you again for commenting!

  5. Sorry Mama Coquine isn't feeling well. I always feel so far away when something is going on and I can't be there in person just for moral support. If she feels well enough to get annoyed with you, your little vacation must have helped!

    1. Thanks Emily. She's doing better. So I'm hoping she stays on this streak. She's back to work which is good. We'll see...

      Oh please, she's always annoyed with me, sick or not. Even when we were in the hospital a few weeks ago she called me an asshole. And then she called Dr. Oz, who was on t.v in the room, a jerk for no reason.