Postcards from The End.

Happy June everyone!

So, it's official, Aurel and I are those European tourists. We snap photos of everything, mumble between each other in French, get excited over little things like surf boards and tackle shops, and when we heard other French speakers on the beach complaining about the sun hiding behind the clouds, we scoffed at them for being such tourists who don't understand beach living! In short, we're Montauk posers. 

I caught Aurel trying to be "all down" by non-nonchalantly referring to Montauk as "The End" to the unamused clerk at White's Pharmacy. Unfortunately, his thick French accent gave away the fact that he is not a Long Island native. Shouldn't that be a good thing? Now he knows how we Americans feel in Paris! I have to admit, it's slightly satisfying.

On our way to Cousin Angelo and his wife Josephine's beach house for an evening cook-out where they introduced us to dangerously delish mint iced tea vodka cocktails, we made some pit stops along the way to say coucou to the other family members who are also out here...

Here are some things that caught our eye...

Bikes at Surf Lodge.

Intersection before Ginger and Freddie's.

Sunset at Uncle Claudio's

 Baci Ball at Uncle Leo's.

"The Movie".
This has been making us chuckle all week.
Is it just us?

Washing our hands after our long walk...
...and feeling right at home.


  1. Ha! I love it that Seb is trying to be all down with the lingo. It reminds me of when Stephane does the same thing in the States. I'm like..."Nah, it doesn't really work!" Oddly enough, I rarely notice that he has an accent until we're in some little breakfast joint surrounded by people who are highly suspicious of Europeans. Then it's so obvious!

    Glad you're having such a good time with Seb and your family.

    1. He really was. It was adorable! He's a "beach dude" now.

      That's funny that you say that you don't always detect Stephane's accent, because my Swiss boss was the same. He had a very subtle accent and I only really heard it when we went out to the warehouse to look at inventory in Jersey. It's totally a Swiss thing!

  2. AnonymousJune 02, 2012

    "The End" haha good one Séb! As per usual your photos make me want to visit... Lawn Guyland?! Oui! OK, it will take me more to return... perhaps if I had a fun, crazy Italian family out there with a beach house! I love the movie theatre pic too. ;-) I want to see that movie by the way; maybe tomorrow night ! Hope you guys are having a ball.

    1. Yes Lawn Guyland indeed. I totes say it that could I not?!

      My brother said MIB3 was actually pretty boring! I don't believe it! Come on, it's Will Smith! I just adore him.

      Yes, you MUST go out to Montauk one of these days. It's such a chill beach's the anti-Hamptons!!

  3. This is what I got out of this post: mint iced tea vodka cocktails. I need to find a recipe and make immediately!
    And I laughed at 'The Movie' too :) x

    1. It's mint muddled in lemonade, iced tea flavored vodka and topped off with seltzer water. Add a sprig of mint for garnish.

      DELISH!! But careful because we were crunk after two. : ) !

  4. Love it!! I had a hard time leaving "The End" this morning! :(

    1. We are total Montauk posers! We think we're all down! It was such a special weekend! I'm glad you had a good time! How could you not?!?1 xo!!!!