Street Art.

It's no secret that I am a huge supporter of Street Art, preferably the works that have taken over our beloved city of Paris. If I had a smart phone instead of my crusty, yet extremely reliable Nokia, I would totally download the Urbacolors Street Art App, but I don't. I rely on my clunky camera that I wear around my neck like a tourist, and snap whatever tickles me fancy.

Well today, something exceptional happened, absolutely exceptional! Not only did I see some new pieces up, but I captured the actual artists (who apparently are not in hiding) Fred le Chevalier and Rubbish Cube actually installing them alongside a building in the 11th! They drew in quite a crowd of other enthusiasts, whose ages actually surprised me. I expected that their core fans would be my age and younger, but Aurel and I were in fact minorities in a sea of vieille dames and older men who were filming, taking photos and of course, making comments. I guess Paris really is ready for this Street Art revolution. ça y est!

This city never ceases to surprise me. Even on a lazy Sunday afternoon. I hope you are all enjoying this beautiful day and remembered to call your dads (if you are able to)!

Fred le Chevalier setting up.

Fred getting to work!

 Collaborating other artists in his piece, 
as a part of the Collage Urbain Initiative.
The mask is an homage to artist Rubbish Cube 
and the diamond for Diamantaire.

 Rubbish Cube putting up his hand-cut piece.
Each piece takes 150 hours to cut.
Holy dedication!

 The finished product!

Check out the live video I captured of this event here!

The exhibit of the participating artists in the Collage Urbain Collective is at the Le Cabinet d'Amateur from now until June 24th.

12, rue de la Forge Royale
75011 Paris


  1. That's so cool you got to see it happen live. You never know what's around the corner in Paris. I saw this and thought of you. Street art with sarcasm.

    1. Hi Emily,

      Yeah, we were so excited when we saw this happening!! You justnever know in Paris....

      Thanks for link! It's hysterical! My favorite is "I didn't get arrested". LOL!

  2. AnonymousJune 18, 2012

    Wow!! That's a lot nicer then all the "art" we see around NYC. "Shanequa wuz hea" in blue spray paint.


    1. Yes, I'd say it's a step up from that! LOL!

      There are plenty of taggers here too. The best is when they try to tag in English and get the grammar wrong.

  3. I love that all the street art in Paris has so much support and is widely appreciated and expected. And I especially love when they get a little naughty! ;-)

    I hope the good weather sticks around while I'm in town. I have too many cute dresses I want to wear and if I'm not able to, I will not be a very happy camper.

    1. I hope it does too! But just know that the rain is just passing through and the sun peeks back out. Bring your umbrella and enjoy your summer dresses!

      I love the street art scene that is happening...not to be confused with graffiti and tagging. There's tons of that crap here too...unfortunately!

      Bon voyage! xo.

  4. I love those moments when you stumble upon something cool like that. Serendipity!
    There's a tag name around here of 'lunatic' written in the prettiest script. I'll have to take a photo for you.
    aidan x

    1. Totally! That seems to happen a lot in Paris. I love it!! I was so excited when I was shooting this. It was as if I was at the Eiffel Tower for the first time. I was a super nerd!

      Yeah, if you see that tag, please do take a photo and send it over! I'd love to see it! Thanks, Aidan!

  5. So sorry we missed it. Tried to make it, but got lost due to a technical error.

    1. Sylvia! We were so sad when we didn't have a Sylvia continuation from Saturday night! Another time....

      It was so great to meet you! You're amazing! Like really...

  6. In the right neighbourhoods, I like street art:) Like in the up-and-coming 11th, 19th and 20th:) Or more modern places like the 12th and 13th:) And I always thought that Beaubourg would look just stunning on the Défense esplanade.

    1. Exactly, in the right hoods it can be tasteful, and again street art not graffiti of n'importe quoi. There's a difference!

      Yes, how cool would that be! They need to funk up La Défense a bit!

      ça va?

    2. Super occupée, mais ça va super bien:)

      It's super hot in Ottawa right now. Thank God for AC! What a contrast from The Hague:)

      You know, I actually like La Défense... reminds me of North America;) There's something so futuristic about it. Would be interesting to live there for a bit.

  7. AnonymousJune 19, 2012

    Thank you for the Urbacolors link, those shots are really great. And just a random comment or two on the above -- 1)I just adore the name Rubbish Cube. He is brilliant to have thought of it. And 2) even though they evidently don't care, I like that your photos of them at work still mask their faces/identities.

    1. You're so welcome! It was so cool seeing them at work. I have been a fan of Fred's for a while, so it was good to see what he actually looks like.

      Click on the video I made to see their faces (if you're curious). Rubbish Cube is really cute. ; ) I know, quelle coquine!

      It was so nice to meet you this weekend. You're just darling. : )

  8. AnonymousJune 20, 2012

    So cool! I've always wondered about the people behind the street art. Love that smoking-ear monkey/dude.