The End of "The End".

Like the cliche goes, all good things must come to an end, and our lovely week in Montauk was capped off with a family lunch prepared by the one and only, Uncle Leo. His gentle and subtle way of letting us know that it was ready consisted of him screaming at the top of his lungs from the deck that his pasta waits for no one! In other words, get our asses inside, eat and don't even dare leaving so much as a single penne on the plate. Ginger who had her hands full with her in-laws, momentarily couldn't be found and Uncle Leo insisted that I call or fax her, whichever was easier because again, we wait for his pasta, his pasta waits for no one!

The original plan to get back to my mother's house was to take the train with Uncle Leo because he didn't want to sit in traffic on the L.I.E, and put him in a cab at Jamaica, Queens. As we were descending from the beach house with our bags ready to walk to the station up the street with Uncle Leo in tow, we saw his little face in the backseat of what appeared to be a getaway car, speeding out of the gravel stone driveway. We got ditched! He caught a ride with Cousin Victorio whom I had no clue was still even alive. The last I had heard, he was living on the decrepit family farm in the foothills of Puglia back in 1998 when he was already 77, but clearly he is still alive, kicking, and driving. Apparently the bumper to bumper traffic on the Long Island Expressway sounded like a much better deal to Uncle Leo than three hours on the Long Island Rail Road with Séb and I. Diss.

Honestly, I was so disappointed! I wanted one last adventure with Uncle Leo and his stories, even if they are a little offensive, and he still had no idea who I was, as we relived the first morning with him like Groundhog's Day for the entire week. Perhaps his equally entertaining and straight forward son Little Beppe was right when he said that, "the dog is cute, but the dog bites". So I guess that was it. No goodbyes. No I love yous. No more Uncle Leo. How sad.

After a total of four hours traveling on the train, we finally arrived at my mother's house where she was preparing a barbecue of grilled chicken, Italian sausage, ricotta salata and ice cold rosé. Before joining her, her boyfriend the Pilot, my brother Andrew, his girlfriend Francesca, and Séb who was helping her hang her summer backyard lanterns, I went into her office to log into my personal Facebook page to send Ginger, Angelo and Josephine a thank you note for hosting us this week. 

To my surprise, I found this waiting for me... e-mail from MF.

Now what....

What happened a year ago today? This!


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    1. A little! Sorry! I'm trying to make my posts shorter, so I'm breaking up stories a bit...I know you ladies are busy and don't have time to read a 20 page post! :)

  2. AnonymousJune 04, 2012

    Beautiful photo.. and I can't believe uncle Leo dissed you guys like that! Ha! Your family stories are movie-worthy, and something about you mentioning your mom's Ricotta salad is making me Google a recipe (*love* Ricotta.. and all the Italian food you've mentioned!). I could really use a BBQ and some iced rosé right now with fun people! (I think I need an English language blog to talk about my heartbreak... but it would not be very fun to read!)

    I just read your post from a year from now -- I lvoe the way you're able to put things into words, especially under such difficult, depressing and nightmarish circumstances. You have an inner strength I admire so much! (I once had a blog once, on LJ.. where I talked about my troubles.. and it was pretty much like vomiting out words.. I don't know how I even had the few readers I had!).

    1. Thank you!

      Oh we were so dissed by Uncle Leo!!!! I really wanted to hang out with him more! I love him! But Uncle Leo may have had enough of us...Seb and I aren't as exciting as him.

      Thank you so much for taking the time to read last year's post. I really was hanging by a thread, but had to stay positive and focus on improvement. I'd love to read YOUR break-up journal! Send it to me, if you are comfortable with that...

      :) xo !

    2. AnonymousJune 06, 2012

      My 'troubles' journal is long gone; deleted! It was a private journal and crazy intense! Not an easy read... I have the ones on paper from before it when I was younger.. and have yet to open them since.

  3. Being Canadian I of course have to apologize first so: Pardon Mademoiselle Ella but I just have to do this. (-:
    Episode 372
    .......Ms Ella opens her email with disbelief ...
    .. her audience gasps, wondering .... in background as the announcer cuts in
    "we will be right back after this brief interlude with "La vie d'une Coquine a Paris" ; we hope you will contribute to PBS in support of this get the full series and the conclusion of this episode a contribution of $X.00 will get you a copy of "La vie d'une Coquine a Paris" which is available in epub version at our web site.......
    viewer flip to CNN....
    the news break scroll at the bottom of the screen reads... Le con de Paris strikes again.....

    OK so I watch way too much TV;
    cheers, Conrad (=:

    1. I LOVE THIS! So clever!!!!

      And never apologize for being Canadian! It's part of your charm!

      Thank you so much for this extremely entertaining comment! :)

      I'll keep you posted on what happened...all I can say is oh la fucking la!

  4. When I think of "Uncle Leo", I can't help but think of Seinfeld!;)

    I guess "My pasta waits for noone!" is a notch above Samantha Jones' "My vagina waits for noone!";))

    What did that loser MF want this time, the spoiler?

    1. Ooooooh tu verras. C'est incroyable. J'y crois pas. Je vais l'écrire dans deux posts parce qu'il est vachement ridicule...ça me rend triste.

      Duchess...tu me manques...tu vas bien? : )

    2. Coucou! Je vais bien, mais je flippe comme une bête avec mon master et mon retour au boulot! J'ai l'impression d'avoir tout oublié, mais ça revient tranquillement:) J'ai été bien heureuse de retrouver mon condo et toutes mes affaires:)

  5. You've always been a beautiful writer but now you're throwing suspense into the mix? Brilliant.

    1. Thank you so much Jenna! So kind! And thank you for the shout out to me on your blog! I hope you enjoyed your Parisian experience! Your photos were gorgeous.