Don't Feed the Waterfowl!

Oy vey! My mom has been having a major problem with ducks setting up camp in her Olympic size blow-up pool, and we just don't know what to do! These little guys appeared last week, and for some reason they are incapable of leaving the pool, waddling, or doing any of other normal duck activities. I don't understand why....

Perhaps they are here to kick off summer, even though it has been on and off in both Paris and New York.

Duck problem solved!
Please don't report me to PETA.

I love Summer. Summer to me is teenage days of meeting up with friends in front of Other Music in the East Village to go to an indie rock show, sticking to the hot seats of my freon-less car on the 101 in Hollywood, fanning myself with a paper fan on the platform of the J.R Yomomoto line en route to Shibuya in Tokyo, biking to work over the Williamsburg bridge, and zipping around on the back of Aurel's Vespa in Paris...getting rained on.

Here are some songs that bring me back to some of these memories sous le soleil...

The B52s - Rock Lobster
Manu Chao - Clandestino 
Coconut Records - Summer Day
Jamiroquai - Seven Days in June
Serge Gainsbourg - Sous le Soleil Exactment
A Tribe Called Quest - Oh My God
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion feat. Beck and Mike D - Flavor
The Kinks - Sunny Afternoon
Sean Lennon - Into the Sun
The Cardigans - Gordon's Garden Party
Gal Costa - Que Pena
Pavement - Gold Soundz
Hole - Boys on the Radio

Listen to the playlist in its entirety here!

I hope you are enjoying your weekend!

What was going on a year ago today? This!


  1. yay! another playlist!!! im actually using this cold, gray day in Paris to do the winter/summer clothes switch.... i will be playing this while doing so. perfect timing! miss you! x

    1. I hope you liked it and it got you through doing such a tedious task of doing the seasonal switch! Miss you too...and see you soon!!

  2. AnonymousJune 10, 2012

    JSBX's Flavor!! I haven't heard this song in years! I love how you were such a 90s NYC hipster! Did you wear x-girl too? I bet you did.

    1. How great is this song?!!? It's one of my faves. JSBX are often overlooked as one of the great indie rock bands of the 90s. Such a shame.

      Oh you know I was rocking my x-girl style. Kim Gordon was my style hero! So funny you ask that!

      Thanks for commenting!

  3. Fun photos! And not to date myself, but my summer playlist sounds a lot different than yours. I'll have to listen and learn!

    I hope that the sun comes out soon in New York so that you can paddle around in the pool. Just be careful while swimming in the deep end - I didn't notice a lifeguard!

    1. I hope you liked it! Some of the songs are a bit obscure, but they are fun summer least to me!

      I will show my mom your comment! I have been trying to get her to hire a lifeguard for the summer, or at least have her get her certification because you can never be too safe! She called me insane. Glad I'm not the only one who is looking out for safety! : P !

  4. AnonymousJune 11, 2012

    Love the duckies and the playlist!!!


  5. You are like the Wes Anderson of chick in Paris bloggers! You're crazy yet so creative and fun! Keep it up! You are my daily read.

    1. Oh wow! Thank you! I don't know if Wes would be pleased with the comparison, but I sure am! I absolutely adore his style.

      Thank you so much. This just made my day. : )

  6. AnonymousJune 12, 2012

    Fun fun fun yes!