Day 358: Postcards from My Home Away from Home.

It's been an intense welcome back, between the elections, having my mother in town for a few days (yes, she was here), apartment hunting (it's a jungle out there), getting my paperwork together for school (kill me now), and spending time with Aurelien (what's keeping me sane), by yesterday I was exhausted, just exhausted! 

Taking a break from it all during yesterday's holiday, I did one of my favorite things to do in Paris, and took a walk around the city where I let my thoughts wander to slices of my life.

Here are some things that reminded me...

....of my mother. 
No not the disturbing marzipan babies sleeping in floating leaves, 
but her favorite market Fauchon, or as she calls it, "Fo' Shawnz" which sounds more like a salon in an In Living Color skit,
 not a gourmet épicerie.

...of my grandpa.
If I he were with me, he would start singing 
in his thick Italian accent,
"Patch of blue, I love you, how do you do?"
It's his official song to introduce blue skies peaking through the clouds. I just adore him.

 ...of my Maker's on the rock days.
I used to go to the now closed down bar, Star Shoes on Hollywood Boulevard every Monday for Funk Night.
10th arrondissement

...that I'm part Mexican and Cinco de Mayo was on Saturday!
I treated myself to a belated cinnamon margarita.
La Perla


...of Aurel.
He appreciates little things like simple street art.
Le Marais 

...that home is where I hang my hat,
or in my case, where the food and wine is.
After my long day by myself, I arrived at Aurelien's to find dinner waiting for me and in true American style, 
we ate at the kitchen counter.
Chez Lui


  1. AnonymousMay 09, 2012

    This reminds me so much of a game I play while walking around Paris.... I often think I "see" people I know who are clearly not in Paris.

    1. It's funny how we do that. I've gone as far as calling out someone's name, convinced that it was someone I knew from the States!

  2. That dinner looks delicious! Any chance Séb would be willing share a few of his easy French recipes?

    1. He says thank you! And I am vouching that it was delish!

      This dinner was simple, it was grilled fish with sauteed garlic, onions, and string beans with fresh squeezed lemon. So simple, yet so good! He improvises with whatever is in the fridge. He's all creative like that unlike his meuf.

      : )

  3. "Fo' Shawnz" ahahahahah I love it!

    My beau's best friends name is Thomas and I've gotten into the habit of pronouncing it the French way and my mom tries to as well, but she just says "Tamo." Cracks me up every time.

    Your pictures of beautiful and making me even more restless. Thanks for sharing.

    1. So funny, right? She really says it like this!

      And.."Tamo"...SO GOOD! That would crack me up every time too! LOL!!

      Thanks for your sweet compliment! Come back soon! Will you have a blog when you get back? I want to follow you back!

    2. I was debating whether or not I should start a blog, and still am, we'll see what happens. If I do decide to start a blog I think I'd want it to be more fashion focused. Something among the lines of an American trying to dress in Paris. As someone that has no problem running to the pharmacy in yoga pants or leggings and doesn't feel the need to be "done" all the time, actually living and dressing in Paris will be interesting.

      I just find the effortless Parisian chicness fascinating. Not that everyone in Paris is on top of their game but majority of people are.

      It's pretty cray.

  4. Ella! You're looking for an apartment?!? I need to talk with you ASAP! I tried to call your cell phone but couldn't get through. Grrr. Ok, I guess I'll send you a quick email.

    1. Thanks for the e-mail!!

      This could be fun! I've been in contact with the person so we'll see.

      : ) !!!

  5. AnonymousMay 10, 2012

    There's something so wrong about those marzipan babies at "Fo' Shawnz"!!! Hahaha!
    You're so witty!

    1. Marzipan for real. So creepy at "Fo'Shawnz".

      Thanks for commenting!

  6. Apartment hunting again? Oh lordie. bonne chance!

    1. It's been a year at this place and the lease was up...I'm ready to turn la page. : )

      I need more space too!

  7. a cinnamon margarita?! YUM, I love cinnamon.. I've been browsing through your blog, good for you for writing honestly about everything in life, including such a big breakup! I hope your heart heals soon :)