Day 348: daydream for spring.

It's been another cold, wet and dreary day here in New York where the last thing I want to do is run errands around Manhattan in preparation of heading back to Paris, where it is also dreary and cold. Instead of being responsible, I spent a better part of the day procrastinating, laying on my bed, staring at the ceiling in a psychedelic daydream of being barefoot under the sun, making daisy chains and being buzzed off of wine at Parc du Champs de Mars. My Virgin Suicides fantasy coming to life... 

What marks a new season is a new playlist that paints a picture, sells the fantasy of a better life. Last year, I missed out on this little joy because I was only listening to Tori's Little Earthquakes (yes, "Tori"), Songs of Leonard Cohen and dance music I could ignore. So making up for lost time, here are my favorite songs to get ready for picnics, giggles and gossip, lingering days, grass stains and the most important, making the official switch from red to white wine. This is what spring should be, this and indie pop, not snarkey bitches having a drink with your ex at Caffe Vitto...I'm sorry, I couldn't resist.

Bon week-end! 

Air - Ce matin-là
She and Him - Why Do You Let Me Stay Here?
Panda Bear - Bros
Bertrand Burglat - L'Observatoire
Feist - Mushaboom
Lupe Fiasco (feat. Jill Scott) - Daydream 
Ben Folds (feat. Regina Spektor) - You Don't Know Me
Alister - La Femme Parfaite
Cat Power - I Believe in You 
Iron and Wine - Boy with a Coin 

Hangar - Version Originale
The Shins - Young Pilgrims 
All Night Radio - Daylight Till Dawn
John Legend - P.D.A
Belle and Sebastien - For the Price of a Cup of Tea 

To listen to the playlist in its entirety, click here: Printemps!


  1. clearly rocking out right now. in cold, dreary, wet Paris. i love Air.

    1. lol.."clearly"...!

      Air is great. I love the bougie Versailles trio...Air, Phoenix, Daft touche française!!!

  2. Yesss! I love your playlist posts.

    1. Thank you!!! : )

      This one is a little obscure. A fine example of my disparate musical tastes.

  3. I just recently found your blog and have been reading at every available free moment I have. I am up to Day 150 now..... I just wanted to jump in in present time to tell you how much I am enjoying your blog. I am an expat from North Carolina who moved here with my husband and twin 11 year olds for his job. We passed the one year mark (slated for 3) in February and it's encouraging to read an expat blog that doesn't "paint" life in Paris as a storybook and tells it like it is. Love your take on life! Just hope that when you finally reach that fateful Day 365 you will keep on going...

    1. Hi Marieanne! Welcome and thank you so much for this comment! It means a lot to me.

      I definitely know this blog is chock full of TMI but I wanted to create something real, and share a different side of the city. I'm glad that it is being appreciated because I know it's not a favorite for everyone as it's not your typical Paris blog.

      You moved to Paris with 11 year old twins?! Wow!! Incredible! I hope they have adjusted, I can only imagine what the French school system is like. Aye!

      Thank you again for your kind and honest comment.