Day 332: Laugh Through This.

What a week for Aurélien to visit New York. Wow. So far he has been to a cemetery in Queens, been to a Long Island hospital, not once, twice but three times, a doctor's appointment with me in Manhattan where my doctor was practicing her French with us as she was giving me a breast exam, part one of an Italian funeral and has met every member of my extended family, people even I haven't seen in years. It's been exhausting! Kitty keeps wondering if any of us are ever going to see him again. To keep things light between us, Aurélien and I have been relying on humor to get through this week that has taken some unexpected twists and turns. Besides the handcuff and cufflink faux-pas, the second joke has been the vial Maryvette, and all of the word vomit that came out of her mouth during Easter dinner. 

As Aurélien and I were walking through the Manhattan, Aurélien brought up something she did that annoyed him, even more than her insinuating that I can't hold on to a man and that my life seems to be a revolving door of French men. That in itself was a pretty low blow, so I couldn't imagine what could have ruffled his feathers more than that.

Over dinner, Maryvette had mentioned that she watches the television series Nurse Jackie...okay harmless enough. Since I keep my television limited to high-quality shows like Gossip Girl and Toddlers and Tiaras, I wasn't able to join Maryvette in her cable series bliss. This however piqued Vinny's wife, Carmella's interest who is a big fan of the show and chimed in from the other end of the table. "Maryvette, do you watch Nurse Jackie too?" Carmella asked with a warm smile, wanting to relate to or at least converse with this peacock who was at our dinner table. Maryvette swung her Bergdorf blowout in Carmella's direction and merely tolerated her presence with a half smile. "It was so funny," she said in a forced blasé Upper East Side drawl, "we were eating at (insert chic restaurant du jour here) and we sat right next to Edie Falco," Okay..and? But that was it, Maryvette ended the conversation there which made it clear that she couldn't possibly stoop down to Carmella's plebeian level and admit that she does something as simple as watching a television show like the rest of the world, even though she had previously admitted it. Carmella, who wanted to talk about the evening's season premiere about the show, not Edie Falco's personal life, just looked back at her waiting for the punchline, but once she realized that Maryvette was through acknowledging her, the topic was immediately dropped and talk of Nurse Jackie and Edie Falco was never revisited at the Easter dinner table.

Because Aurélien adores Carmella and Vinny, it irritated him that Maryvette couldn't just partake in a normal conversation that she in fact initiated, and she had to somehow be better than us suburban folk with her acquired Metropolitan attitude.

Incidentally enough, at Cafe Gitane on Tuesday, we sat next to a very pregnant and glowing Alyson Hannigan and upon seeing her, Aurélien and I just looked at each other and shook our heads. This was our karma for making fun of Maryvette "hobnobbing" with celebrities and now we would be damned if we told anyone about our sighting. Damn it, this is what we get! The following night, we had dinner with my family where Carmella and Vinny brought up How I Met Your Mother (those two watch a lot of tv!) where Aurélien just couldn't resist. In an attempted Maryvette voice which sounded more like a flamboyant male flight attendant, he said, "Well, it's funny you should mention How I Met Your Mother because..." The joke was well received and we all had a good laugh over how self-important people can get over things that mean absolutely nothing. If I wasn't impressed with Aurélien before, this just sealed the deal. It's no easy feat getting a table full of New Yorkers to laugh. Bien joué mon amour!

It's these little things that have been getting us through this tough time, from something as simple as a Hollywood sighting at a hip downtown café to stupid Maryvette-isms who I'm thankful for right now. At the risk of sound cliché, laughter really is the best medicine and she has been keeping the laughs a-commin'.

Bon week-end à tous.


  1. love a good celeb sighting...but only if there's more of a story instead of just "and we sat next to..."

    also... love how carmella is edie falco! i went on huge sopranos binge over christmas (yes, i know i'm 10 years behind) and love her! i've never seen nurse jackie but heard it's great. sorry about everything again... hope you two are able to have a nice, calm weekend. x

    1. It was funny being out in LA where I forgot how this is so part of the culture out there. Everyone is on a first name basis with celebs and have a little story that they can't resist casually dropping it into an otherwise unrelated conversation.

      For example:

      LA Friend: Ugh, my friend was with Jason, he was pathological liar.
      Me: Jason? Jason Who?
      (sigh from LA Friend)
      LA Friend: Jason Segel?
      Me: Who's Jason Segel?
      LA Friend: Forget it.

      LA Friend, I love you but you're sooooo LA! : )

  2. Sorry to hear about the funeral ma belle, glad you're coping & tell Seb I'm highly impressed he can joke in English, that ain't easy!

    1. Séb kicked some ass with his American humor. J'étais fiere de lui! : )

      Thanks for the comment, Gwan. We're doing okay over here. : )

  3. I'm sorry to hear about the funeral and all of the family gatherings because I guess that it means that what you didn't want to happen has happened. But in between Maryvette, celebrity sightings and Seb's clever joke, I noticed that you were at the doctor and recalled an earlier post where you had said that you were concerned about an upcoming visit in the States. I hope that all is well.

    Here's to more laughter and a good weekend with Seb, your mom and the rest of your family.

    1. Thanks MK. You guys have all been so warm and comforting during this time. I am truly lucky to have the blogosphere when the shit hits the fan. You are all such amazing people.

      I haven't gotten my follow-up letter/phone call from the dr., so I'm crossing my fingers that all is well. I keep fearing the old saying that tragedy comes in three...I hope that doesn't prove to be true this week.

      I'm just staying positive and appreciating every single day...that's all I can do.

      : )