Day 309: Kiss Me, I'm Irish.

 Illustration by Fifi Flowers

No, really I am, a fair-weathered one at best, but I definitely have some Irish in me. Proof of my "mc roots", my Irish-Mexican father gave me his super tricked-out Irish last name that sounds absolutely horrendous when I say it with a French accent. And although I identify as an Italian girl, as my mom is overbearingly 100%, St. Patty's Day reminds me that I am in fact, part Irish.

To celebrate my forgotten origin, Séb and I are going out for afternoon Mojito Royales and pistachio macaroons, since chez MacDo doesn't offer Shamrock Shakes...

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


  1. Happy St. Patty's Day! I inherited the Irish last name as well (yep- doesn't sound very nice in French).

    Have a good one Ella! (let's see if this comment works..)

  2. Happy St.Patty's Day, my Dear:)

    Now all you need is a button that says: "whisky makes me frisky" and you're all set;)

  3. Mr.O mentioned to his coworkers we were going out to celebrate St. Patrick's day and they asked him if he was Irish. He said yes since he's half Irish, half German and they replied, "Of course, all names that start with "O" are Irish!". He (and his very German last name) smiled and kept his mouth shut about all the McDonoughs, Sullivans and Flynns of the world.