Day 270: Valentine's Day Gifting!

I bet you thought I'd hate Valentine's Day, right? The truth is, I don't. In fact, I love it and always have.

Valentine's Day was always a holiday that my mom celebrated with us as a time to celebrate love and being together in the cold winter. As kids, we used to celebrate it with her over hot cocoa and Italian pastries, as teens, mocha lattes and Italian pastries cupcakes to now - if we're together - pink champagne and you guessed it - Italian pastries.

She'd always include a cute little gift like heart-shaped mugs, a glitter snow globe, a chunky-knit sweater, Starbucks gift card, it depended on the year and her budget. These are some things that reminded me of the little tokens she used to pack in our Valentine's Day gift bag. 

Latte Bowls just got cuter. 
They now come in bite size.

When I saw this little vintage-inspired mint green butter dish
I had a home decorating-gasm in the middle of Anthropologie. 
You can imagine the hysteria when I saw that it was on sale.

Cute indulgences.
Don't all cupcakes need their own little stand?
They do.
 Keith Haring Mini Serving Platter
Keith Haring Exhibit

This was included in a bag full of little gifts from Séb's family for Christmas and I fell in love with it.
It warmed my heart that they know how much I love kitch...
..especially Parisien themed kitch.

Séb's Valentine's Day card 
Stéphane, the adorable clerk at the location in the 17th saw that I was purchasing a card that says "Because I love you" and he jubilantly said, "So you are in love!" and I responded,
"Oui, complètement!"


  1. A "French" toast stamp - what will they think of next!

    I just saw a tweet that said "Love is in the air" and it certainly is. I'm so pleased that Seb and you found each other and are "complètement" in love!

    And now, thanks to your not so subliminal messages, I'm off to find something sweet. I sure wish that there was a cupcake with 2 inches of frosting in my kitchen.

  2. LOL, how funny is that little French toast stamp? It was a perfect gift!

    Where are you getting something sweet? I hope not too far because it is COLD out there!! Seb and I are going out to Fontainebleau in an hour and all I want to do is curl up on the couch!!

  3. I ended up going to Jean-Paul Hevin for an aphrodisiac hot chocolate with a slice of chocolate cake. Thanks for the inspiration!

    But more importantly, here's an idea for Valentine's Day. ;)

    1. Seb's father is doing this for his wife!!!! How funny. They were telling me this weekend and I only half understood.

      Thanks for clarifying MK!

  4. Love your family tradition!:)

    In Finland, Valentine's Day is "Friends' Day":) Like that too:)

    With the Duke, we have our own tradition: we buy each other the tackiest card we can find and some booze:) A few years back, I found this really tacky heart-shaped red and white pasta at Costco's and that's what we had for V-Day dinner (we always eat at home. Too many ppl out that night! Plus my hubby's birthday is the next day, so we wait for that instead:).

    1. Yeah, V-Day doesn't have to just be for lovers, it's for everyone...also an excuse to woof down on sweets!!

      Heart-shaped pasta? That sounds like something I'd LOVE!!! So cheesy yet so cute... :*)

      Happy Valentines Day to you two and Joyeux Anniv' to your husband!


  5. i love the card!!! what store? can i copy you? hope you two have a wonderful valentine's day!!! x

    1. Please do! The store's site is under the photo. There are several locations of Imprimerie Taglio, I went to the bobo one in the 17th.

      Stephane, the clerk is super cool, speaks English and has the great raspy voice. They have other card choices too that you might like even more.