Day 262: JFK ✈ CDG

7ème arrondissement
September 2009

I took this photo my very first night in Paris. If someone would have told me what lied ahead of me, I'd probably have packed up and fled the next day!  

Like this photo, these past few years have been a blur but I wouldn't give back any of these experiences - good or bad - for all the New York pizza in the city.

Here's to more memories and adventures in The City of Light. 

It's good to be home...


  1. Are you back in Paris, then?

  2. So, you're home? Does that mean you're back in Paris!?! Woohoo! Welcome back.That must be why the sun was shining today!

    And I love the photo - it reminds me of Meg Ryan's fleeting glimpses of the Eiffel Tower in "French Kiss".

    1. Thanks! I feel so welcomed back!!

      I forgot how cold my apartment can get! Brrrrrr! No central heat (or Chelsea Handler, microwave or my cat Charlotte) in a chambre de bonne!

      Oh, I never saw "French Kiss"...was it good? I'll have to add that to my francophile list of movies to watch.

  3. Holla atcha girl!

  4. welcome back! it's so cold today but the sky is beautiful with hazy sunshine! hope your flight wasn't too bad (maybe filled with champagne!?)

    1. Thanks!! It's good to be back! I can breathe...ahhhh.

      I haven't been out yet but it feels nippy. I'll venture out tomorrow. I'm feeling a bit under the weather and am not ready to brave the streets of P-town.

      No champagne on the flight (sat coach!), just two vodkas. : )