Day 245: Find Francophile Fun.

Don't think that just because we've been on Long Island for the past few weeks that I wasn't going to brew up some French fun. While I have been offering Aurel an authentic New York experience, I needed a little taste of my adopted culture. For one of our last meals together in New York, I took him to my favorite (perhaps the only?) French restaurant in the area, Citron in the historic old village of Roslyn. (Sidebar: This restaurant was featured in an episode of Gossip Girl when they were in "The Hamptons", for those of you who might be names.)

One of the things that I miss while living in Paris is the option to dine at the bar which is something that hasn't quite trended in French dining culture. I like sitting at the bar for several reasons: it's so New York, bartenders tend to not judge you when you want that extra glass of wine, they're quicker, more interesting and more often than not, give away freebies after you strike up some good conversation. In an effort to allow our cultures to collide, we enjoyed our French feast at the marble top counter while watching Jeopardy! on the bar area's flat screen.

It was the perfect date for a quiet rainy weekday night in January. I was with my beau sharing a bottle of Bordeaux, a plate of oysters from the raw bar, and watching American trivia. Who ever said I was a difficult date was misguided, I'm really am quite easy to please. Aurel blew me away when he answered not one but three Jeopardy! questions correctly. Was it Teen Jeopardy!? No. College Jeopardy!? Nope. But real Jeopardy! with real brainiac contestants! I always knew he was smart and that his English was amazing but I didn't think he was quick thinking Jeopardy! smart (Ok, how annoying is it that I have to keep adding the exclamation point each time I write Jeopardy!). The trick with Jeopardy! is that you have to be quick which is what always takes me out of the winner's circle where Aurel, on the other hand was right on top it, Rose.. To say that I was impressed would be an understatement, I've only been able to answer one question on the French trivia show Questions pour un Champion and the answer was Alanis Morrisette - hardly rocket science.

The bartender, who came over to fill our wine glasses overheard us speaking French and asked me if we had come in before. I told him that while I had sat at the bar several times for dinner, this was Aurel's first trip out to Long Island. The bartender said that he could have sworn that he recognized us, especially me, an Italian New Yorker who speaks French with her French significant other. I told him that every other time that I had come in, it was with my mother who I certainly do not speak French with. Perhaps I have a nemesis wandering the suburbs and if that's the case I want to find her to see how the subjunctive is working out for her.

And then it hit me...of course. I came here last year with Monsieur Flâneur. How could I forget? He was such as ass that night. He accused me of drinking too much, which is obviously true but his accusation was solely based on my one mimosa that I had at brunch earlier that day. One! How absolutely annoying. Much to his dismay, we sat at the bar (which I got secret pleasure out of) because there weren't any available tables in the dining area. We were sat next to a group of Pinot Grigio slurping Long Island divorcées who wanted to practice their high school French with him. He loved the attention.

Wanting to avoid further questions from the bartender and more importantly from Aurel, I lied and said that it wasn't me who came in last year with another French man and changed the subject to how Vanna White never ages, which oddly worked. The bartender brushed it off after offering his theory about Vanna and while cleaning out a martini shaker I heard him mumble "I wonder whatever happened to those two, they were such a nice couple." If he only knew the half of it...

It was an honest mistake that I took Aurel to this restaurant. It completely escaped me that I had done the same exact thing a year earlier, just with another Parisian import. God, who am I? I had no choice but to blow it off as an oversight, I couldn't internalize it. Had I taken him to the now off-limits restaurant in the 11th, Les P'tites Indécises that would be a different story but a bistro on Long Island? This is my territory.

Our New York trip is coming to a close where we have been spending the most time we've ever spent together and I'm discovering more and more how compatible we are for each other. While I did have some great times with MF and even the gross Lucien, the disagreements out-weighed them, casting a shadow of irritating conversations and frustrations over our relationships. With Aurel, we get along peacefully where on top of being my boyfriend, he is also turning into a good friend. 


  1. Why will you be missing him?? Don't worry about the mixup, you had been there one time, it's not like it was your and M. F's favourite place or whatever

    1. Thanks Gwan! Yeah, it's really no biggie..just at the time I felt super cheesy.

  2. What an unfair cliffhanger of a way to end this post, Mlle Ella! Your Hollywood career has influenced your writing! Post number 245 better have details about why you're going to miss Seb or I'll start emailing you eerie photos of myself holding a key to my apartment (since I don't have your key) and wearing a red trench coat (no way that I'm doing the pink bra thing). But seriously, what's going on?

    1. Because we're breaking up, MK...

      I'm totally joking!!! Ok, so not funny! I'll share with you guys at a later post what's going on. :)
      What's funny is that I didn't mean for it to be a cliffhanger, I forget that you guys aren't in my head when I'm writing...

      LOL! AHAHAHA.."the pink bra thing"...the bra really made impact on you guys. It cracks me up. When you write out the description of her photo, it really is super creepy. Like really, who does that?!? Ahhhhh!

    2. Come on Mary Kay! Ella promised she'll pose with the pink bra in "due time", the contest in on! Lets go girls!!!

    3. In due time I'll post a photo! Not pose in a pink bra! Only creepy whores do that. #nonames

      : )

  3. can't imagine who LOVES gossip girl??! So sad. Meanwhile - the place looks lovely. And I also love eating at the bar of a restaurant! Just how I really enjoy solo beers at airport bars. And I also am very curious about why you're going to miss him! what is going on??? You've been stateside for a long time missy :)

  4. I am totally intrigued. Why are you going to miss him?! I love that you dine at the bar. That sounds so New York, you're right. I have to try it when I move back. Don't worry about the mix-up, it's totally normal!

    Just found you on the Twitter. I'm @dreejay!

  5. Yes, I agree with Gwan Jan, don't worry about the mixup.

    best wishes to you.