Day 239: I Heart New York.

These are a few of my favorite things in New York City....

This was my spot as a teenager, back when I didn't care about my weight (and my ass didn't respond to butter), the café had actual tables to sit at because there wasn't a line around the block and the Village wasn't taken over by Marc Jacobs. Now I'm lucky if I can stuff one of their cupcakes in a to-go box and get out of there alive.

Don't be fooled by it's franco-name, there is nothing French about this authentic West Village greasy spoon.  
I used to come here with my cousins Vinny and Anthony who grew up around the corner and we'd always debate on whether to dine and ditch or not - clearly during my pre-server days. Thankfully we never did because this is my go-to place when I'm craving an American Cheese Omelette, buttered toast and an endless cup of coffee.

One of my favorite wine bars in the city, Epistrophy was an after work hang out where my co-workers and I would indulge in large glasses of Italian red, tapas and office gossip. 

My new favorite place in Manahttan for Italian grub.
Séb and I stopped in for a "mid-day snack" of mozzerella and prosciutto di parma. If you have never been, I highly recommend going. It will blow you away...and I'm not just saying that because I'm Italian.

(Sidebar: The produce section is also to die for..and I am saying that because I'm Italian. We can't help it, we love our produce.)

And finally, the Empire State Building letting us know with its colors that the holidays are over and it's officially winter.


  1. American cheese omelette.... nom nom nom! I miss greasy diners!

  2. Magnolia bakery!:)))) Had one of their chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing when I did the Sex and the City tour the last time I was in NYC (I know, corny, but I'm a die-hard fan and it was huge fun! Even my hubby liked it, and he had the same cupcake I did because I always have good ideas like that;)) No wonder it's always jam packed!:) Miranda and Carrie used to go there:)

    Really hope my next UN assignment will be in NYC!;) I could see myself jetsetting between NYC and Paris (with a little Ottawa thrown in for good measure... not as glamorous, I know, but home is home;)

  3. Happy New Year - I think this is my first comment of 2012 on your blog so I think I'm still allowed to wish it! Then again maybe it should be Bonne Annee or something like that I can never remember the spellings!

    I would love to go to New York - it's still somewhere on my "Places to Visit" but my NY dreams have to wait till I saved up the money for the trip! I think my friend in Australia would rather than I saved up to go visit her first lol.

  4. Marc Jacobs street now complete with Maje and Sandro! I lived on West 11th and would run by Magnolia every morning smelling the baking pre crazy lines of people. When "Bookmarc" opened, I refused to let Sir Lancelot in as a way to boycott the Marc Jacobs Street takeover.

    As for Eataly OMG amazing (they let you shop with wine!!!) but the amount of people made me realize to not go there hungry or tired as it can be overwhelming. After we found a spot to eat and started drinking, all was OK with the world.

    This post made me miss NY :)

  5. This page is officially bookmarked for the day when I do the "Mlle Ella tour" of NYC! The white (wedding cake?) cupcake with the colored sprinkles looks so very, very good!

    @Duchesse, Who is your "Sex in the City" soulmate? Samantha, Charlotte, Miranda or Carrie?

  6. @Mary Kay

    Hello!:) Happy New Year:) The SATC character I most identify with is Miranda, except that I cook:)

    How about you?:)

  7. @Sara Louise - I hope your omelette came out as good as you hoped. It's such a simple dish but oh so good...nom nom nom, indeed.

    @Duchess - LOL! The SATC tour!! I've always wondered about those. Magnolia definitely blew up after that episode, it really used to be just a neighborhood bakery but good for them someones gotta make a buck off of hard work! Where else did you go?

    ps- Last night on E! was a huge SATC marathon (Burger years - i hate him)..Seb was just happy that it wasn't the Kardashians!

    @Han - Happy New Year to you too!! Definitely see NY when you can, it's quite an experience. I sometimes wish I wasn't from there so I can see it with fresh and unjaded eyes. May 2012 bring you travel adventures! Thank you for your first 2012 comment! :)

    @kbh - I should actually be nicer to Marc...if it weren't for MJ International (where I worked), I would never have gotten the "French bug", so I'm sorry's just that you're taking over!!

    Yeah! I heard you can shop with wine! I've never went grocery shopping there, I always just beeline to the cafes. I love this place so much!

    You miss NY, I miss Paris...let's switch! :)

    @MK - I love it! The Mlle. Ella tour! These places are special and def. unique. I'll try to add some more before I heard back to France. Have you ever had a Magnolia cupcake? They're worth every single calorie! :)

  8. @kbh - I forgot to comment that we were shocked to see maje and sandro too...we were waiting to pass The Kooples after! It was like we were on rue vieille du temple!!

  9. I have a friend who did the SATC tour before the first movie and we did it after, so the locations we visited were different. We went to a few locations from the movie. We had a cupcake at Magnolia's, a drink at Steve's bar (fer real!;), we went to Charlotte's art gallery, the Plaza, the Village (where most of the scenes are filmed), that tiny alley where Carrie gets shoe mugged, we visited that Chinese restaurant where they shot Carrie and Big's rehearsal dinner and Stanford and Anthony's New Year's Eve party in SATC I, and we went to the sex shop where Charlotte bought "the Rabbit":) We would watch parts of episodes on the bus before going to each location and it was a riot:) We were all die-hard fans, and my husband was one of only four men on the bus!:) The tour guide was an off off off Broadway actress who lives in Brooklyn, and she was great:)

  10. @Ella Coquine, Alas - I haven't had the pleasure of indulging in a Magnolia cupcake. For the most part, NYC (and those tempting cupcakes) are unexplored territory. One of these days...

    @Duchesse, Ha! - I would have to go with Miranda, too. Happy New Year!

  11. I love your photos and now I wish I went to the places you mentioned. I walked past La Bonbonniere all the time on my way to work @ Westbeth and never went in; I guess the old look through me off. Also, have been in Eataly by Mad. Sq. Park but never ate there. I've been up at down Mott St. on numerous occasions (either to buy produce, get my Bahn Mi sandwich or go to Joe's Shanghai for soup dumplings) but never went to Epistrophy Cafe. I may be back in NYC this Spring for visa-stuff so maybe I'll check 'em out soon! Magnolia- yeah never went in due to the line and prices. My patisserie spot is "La Maison du Macaron" on 23rd btwn 7th and 8th aves. or Patisserie des Ambassades (French speaking) in wouth west Harlem. Glad you're having a great time in NYC! You're making me so nostalgic!