Day 221: Ciao Paris!

Illustration by Fifi Flowers

For my last weekend in Europe before heading back to New York for the holidays, I wanted to take the TGV to Switzerland to reflect on the year, take photos and get drunk - alone. Unfortunately, I'm broke and can't afford Switzerland, especially after I estimated the cost of the damages done to my apartment courtesy of the shady sublet versus the funds in my savings account, I realized that I wouldn't be able to afford a Swiss getaway. Tant pis. Not one to except defeat, I figured if I couldn't bring myself to Switzerland than I was going to bring Switzerland to me! Sort of...

Aurel's friends were passing through town on their way to Germany and we had a little impromptu end-of-year holiday dinner. In France, I find that throwing together a casual dinner party is so easy. We made a steaming pot of cinnamon vin chaud, melted pounds of cheese and sliced meats and sausages for raclette threw some baguettes on the table, decorated his apartment with red and white candles, wore my knit snowflake tights and cable knit boots. Voilà, party time.

As the wine was slowly permeating our bloodstream (because vin chaud tends to sneak up on you), Aurel and I started getting giddy and giggly in the kitchen while preparing another pot of wine. A joke between us is that we refer to my cat, Charlotte Rose as ma fille (my daughter). Sensitive to the fact that no one else is in on this joke, we talk about my "daughter" in private - or so we think. Well who knew that his friend Thibault had the perfect pitch hearing of a dolphin because he heard our entire ridiculous conversation where I was gushing to Aurel that I will soon be with my baby daughter once I'm in New York and that the latest news per my mom is that she enjoys sleeping on the hot water heater in the basement. Oh. my. god.

Had I known he'd heard us, I would have clarified that Charlotte Rose is, in fact, a cat and that I didn't abandon my two-year-old child in order to follow my dream of moving to Paris while she sleeps curled up on appliances in an unfinished basement on Long Island. We remained ignorant to Thibault's much-warranted judgment the entire night and it wasn't until the following day that he called Aurel to thank him for the dinner where he worked into the conversation inquiries about my daughter. It took Aurel a few minutes to figure out the massive malentendu and explained that Charlotte is a cat. Suffice it to say, Thibault and Claire were relieved to learn that I was not a terrible mother, just a flighty kitty owner. I swear it's always something here in Paris. 

Well, it's my last night here until 2012 and God, I am really going to miss this place. Saying that, let's hope I get out of here tomorrow without any CDG drama and that my family doesn't piss me off too much while I'm in New York. Wishful thinking on both accounts...

A Bientôt Paris!


  1. Considering all that I keep hearing about the strikes, I really hope you have a smooth time at CDG and a safe trip home! I'm so happy my flight was last week.

  2. Oh man! That is hilarious. I can't stop laughing. Those poor dinner party guests!

    I hope all goes well at CDG for you and that the strike stays relatively calm. FBF is flying out to CA to be with my and my family for xmas on Wednesday so now I'm doubly hoping things stay calm.

  3. I love the name Thibault.
    Happy holidays and safe travels!
    bisous xo

  4. Bon voyage (again!) you globetrotting girl and have a wonderful time with your family and that poor neglected daughter of yours.

    And speaking of Switzerland, where were you going to go to take photos and get drunk? Zurich? Geneva? Somewhere in between?

    We had our first raclette of the season last night. Yummy!

  5. Have a fantastic holiday in New York!

  6. Have a wonderful holiday back home!!! Enjoy your family and all the American kitsch you can! Make sure you have a lot of good stories for us when you return :)

  7. @Shannon - I made it! Woo hoo! Enjoy your time back and can you please update your blog for 2012? No pressure! :P

    @Laura - I think it should be ok. I flew stand by during this strike so I think FBF should be fine. I'll check your blog to find out! :)

    @Sara - I love that name too. When I first got to P-town, I used to think it was "Tee-bo" like the dude in Friday.... he he he. Happy Holidays to you and The Husband!

    @MK - I'm with my daughter now...she doesn't seem that excited to see me. Every time I walk into a room, she runs away. I feel rejected...! Happy Holidays to you and your family, although, I'm sure we will be 'in touch' before then. :)

    @Miss Meg - Thank you!!! You too!!! And keep designing fabuloso dresses and tops! You have a talent, missy!

    @k - Thannnnnnnk you! Good stories for when I return? How about tomorrow? With me, there's ALWAYS a story! Stay tuned!

  8. hilarious!