Day 218: Make a "Sois Fabuleuse" Mix!

Illustration by Garance Doré

Pop the bubbly! Roll out that slab of foie gras! Put on your whoriest dress and french your boss (eww), because we are in the thick of holiday party season which means it's time to get gorgeous and get your freak on!

So, I normally make an end of year mix with my favorite songs of the year but because my heart had been ripped out and dragged down rue de Rivoli and the hits being heart-wrenching songs like "Grenade", "Rolling in the Deep" and "Beggin'", I chose to ignore pop music for a better part of the year.

In lieu of my "best of 2011" mix, I decided to not let the good times suffer due to my misfortune and share my favorite dance songs to get gussied up to while sipping on effervescent holiday staples; Sofia Mini Blanc de Blancs in the U.S or copious amounts of Demoiselle here in France.


Jamiroquai - Canned Heat
Dizzy Rascal feat. Calvin Harris - Dance With Me
Craig David - Woman Trouble
Madonna - Deeper and Deeper 
Dee-lite - Good Beat 
Flight Facilities - Foreign Language
The Rapture feat. Dimitri from Paris - How Deep Is Your Love?
Groove Armada - Superstylin' 
LCD Soundsystem - Daft Punk is Playing at my House
!!! - Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard
Justice - D.A.N.C.E
Chromeo - Don't Walk Away   
Scissor Sisters - Take Your Mama
Coconut Records - Nighttimimg 
Lady Gaga - Edge of Glory

....and why the eff not?

LMFAO - Party Rock Anthem

To listen to the playlist in its entirety, click here.


  1. Snap! Looks like it's playlist day in the blogosphere :)

  2. You had me hooked at Jamiroquai. And that champagne sounds delicious! Thanks for sharing =)

  3. Thanks - I've been in a blue funk all day until I started listening to your playlist. Now I'm ready for Friday night in Paris! I'll let you know if I find Santa's village. ;)

  4. Fabulous, Daaaaaahling!:)

    Say, what it you on that little Des chiffres et des lettres vidéo?:)

  5. Awesome playlist. It really got me going on this extremely boring day at work.

  6. @Duchess - No, that's not me, but good guess because she looks too young to be going to Des chiffres et des lettres also! I look hyper-Italian. : ) I'd LOVE to find one of the tapings that I was at, I never got to see any of them because I'm always at work when it's on.

    @Elsa - Glad you like it! This mix always gets me going!

  7. @Gwan - It seems so! Love your playlist!!! Good Frenchie picks.

    @Chickster - Jamiroquai is the best party music, right? And def. check out Demoiselle champagne, it's so girly..I feel like Marie Antoinette when I drink it! : )

    @MK - I hope your day got better. I'm glad my mix lifted your spirits! Comments like that make blogging so worth it!

  8. Hiii! So somehow I got sucked into doing NYE in Paris. I will absolutely be using your mix for our little part-ay. One less thing I have to think about! Bon week-end coucou!

  9. @k - hello there!! How funny! I'm doing NYE also...but in NY! Will you be inviting your neighbors to your NYE soiree? :P If you do, hide the wine from them!