Day 211: Scenes from a French Restaurant.

Aurelien is starting to call me "Black Swan" because of my constant craving for chicken, he's ready for me to turn into one. The perfect night of picking up a poulet rôti, a side of well-done roasted potatoes and bottle of Bordeaux never gets played out and has become my comfort food here in Paris.  

Taking a break from what is now called "chickytime" and to celebrate the holidays, Aurelien invited me to his favorite restaurant in the 14th; La Régalade for typical French cuisine, good conversation and flowing champagne. Here are some of the highlights from our feast:

Coquilles Saint Jacques

To ensure that my jeans won't fit after the holidays,
how about a cream based bacon, truffle and crouton soup?
It was well worth every calorie.

Squid Ink Fruits de Mer Risotto

And for dessert...
A sinful tub of rice pudding 
with a side of salted butter caramel.
Like my ass needs any more lumps...

La Régalade
49, avenue Jean Moulin
75014 Paris


  1. Thank you in advance! I will definitely be stopping in for my next visit to Paris. Wow.

  2. You wanna talk about lumpy asses, girlfriend?!;)

    If you're gonna have cellulite, it might as well be quality one:) Starting with quality fatty food:) That meal looks heavenly, even to a vegetarian;)

  3. @Chickster - I highly recommend it! And the prices weren't too bad. It's worth it for a little splurge!

    @Duchess - AHAHAHA! That's one way to justify cellulite! This riz au lait was worth the was intense. Luckily I have the handsome Antoine to keep me in shape. ; )

  4. OMG!!!
    unbelievably good food!!