Day 210: Jump! Shake Your Booty.

The title of this post brings me back to the glory days of middle school where there were a group of girls who by 7th grade society standards were supposed to be the most beautiful, most well-dressed and the most popular girls from our exit of the Long Island Expressway. God's precious jewels to suburban adolescence would amuse themselves by tantalizing the young strapping athletes in our class with booty dances during intramural sports in the gymnasium.

"Jump Shake Your Booty" was one of the profound lyrics in their supportive cheers. The cheer came along with hip swivels, pinkie finger-biting and giggling and gyrating at nothing in particular - did I mention we were 12? These are the same girls who held a strike against the kids in Special-Ed and stomped and stormed around school grounds holding signs in "code" that they were against this organization of slower-education, it was insane. I may or may not have been in Special-Ed math and I may or may not have been offended by said strike. Saying that, we're all like totally friends on facebook today.

I was never cool enough to perform the "Jump Shake Your Booty" dance but now in my 30's, if you get enough glasses of Bordeaux in me, you can be damn sure that I torture my French friends with my American high school "folk dancing".

I'm digressing a bit, so last night I took a hip-hop jazz dance class at my gym. The last time I took this class was about a week after the break-up where my self esteem was down the toilet and this complicated dance class only made matters worse where each false step made me feel like an even bigger loser. Well, my friends, last night was a different story. Thanks to the fact that I let go of being a perfectionist where my performance in this dance class held no weight against my abilities to function in a relationship, I actually did quite well. Our dance routine had a few "Jump Shake Your Booty" throwback moves and all to the song of my 2011 guilty pleasure and it felt amazing - really. Bitch is back! I haven't let go like that since my carefree Broadway Dance Center days where I spent close to 20 hours a week in dance class.

Last night was a turning point in my mental psyche. I am finally enjoying time by myself again where it doesn't feel forced and my current relationship is the cherry on top of my new and improved life. Who knew that getting dumped was the best thing that could have ever happened to me? 


  1. After the tale of the puffy coat, I was so happy to read this post. Seriously, I'm grinning at the thought of you moving to the music and enjoying yourself last night. And, I'm also thinking that I need to get back to the gym because my "guilty pleasures" have been more along the lines of pastries.

    Get out there and "Jump Shake Your Booty" till you drop!

  2. Wait, why would people protest against Special Ed? Glad you're in a happy place!

  3. You go girl! Shake it Sister!;)

    The Universe hates a void. If you create one by letting go of a moron or a situation that is not good for you, then it'll fill it with something else... usually something BETTER:) It's THAT simple:)

    Nice, eh?:)

  4. Everytime I notice some kind of "dancersize" class going on at the gym, im befuddled by how in unison everyone is. Since I've never been to one, and will never go to one, wtf are they following?

    Seriously, I just stand there and stare in awe...people probably think im a perv

  5. I just want to "like" this. No words. Just "Like."

  6. @MK - Thanks! I always love your support. Really, thank you. Not to worry, the puffy coat sitch didn't being me down! Perhaps if this was months ago, it would have but now...not so much. Do you want info on my gym? There are locations all over Paris and I swear by it. The profs are fantastic!!!!

    @Gwan - They were young and ignorant. They are forgiven in my book, they just didn't realize that we all have different levels of learning. I still suck at Math....I'm not going to lie. : ) !

    @Duchess - YEAH!!!! It felt fucking awesome!!!!!! I kind of kicked ass! : ) Geez, I remember when I took this class 8 mos. ago, it felt so forced and I was so lost because I couldn't concentrate. It felt good to go back to my favorite class!!! xo.

    @Brett - I have a treat for you. : ) We. are. going. to. dance. class. AHAHAHA.

    @K - Thanks! I feel like you so get it. East coast high school thing. Love the Mean Girls stories...they never get old, right? :)

  7. Thanks for offering to give me some info on your gym. I have a Club Med if I would just go!

  8. Bitch is back! Ha! Dancing should be a part of everyday life. A day without a little salsa shimmy for me is a bad, bad day. Funny you post this now, I was just working on my dance playlists yesterday (did I mention I'm obsessed with salsa?)! Glad to hear you're shakin' it again!

    (From my part of the Long Island Expressway, we were grinding and dancing R&B... very classy stuff! I do miss square dancing from Elementary school- American folk! "Dosey doe your partner").

  9. @MK - No prob! It's the holidays...gym shmym!!! Enjoy, eat, drink and worry about it next year! : )

    @D - Do you take Salsa classes here in France? My former roomie Charles and I used to go Salsa dancing in the 14th and it was amazeballs. What's on your dance playlist..I'm working on my NYE list now. Any suggestions?

  10. No classes, but I dance either with myself or through OnVaSortir Grenoble ( where there are weekly outings. I mostly dance it with people at house parties. Last time I was at a party, last weekend, I spent almost 2 hours teaching a French guy to salsa!

    Dance playlist.. has mostly salsa with some merengue, bachata and tad of cumbia. Some of my favorite classic salsa songs are La Noche, Rebelion and En Barranquilla me Quedo by Joe Arroyo. Cali Aji and Cali Pachanguero by Grupo Niche. Lloraras by Oscar de Leon. I am loving dancing merengue to Shakira's new song Rabiosa(English version); also Addicted to You (merengue again) and Loca(Spanish version)! :-)

    I've abandoned this Playlist bc I use my computer but you'll find some of these here!

    Now I'm looking for African creole songs I used to dance to (but have no idea who they were by) and some Middle Eastern stuff. Sooo good for booty shaking.

  11. I LOVE this song too - it's definitely on my gym playlist, along with David Guetta's 'S.W.E.A.T' and 'Memories'. There's nothing like a good workout to kick the winter blues.

  12. @Dana - Thanks for the playlist! I love the Amy you snuck in there to give it a little variety. Nice...!
    I've been meaning to check out On Va Sortir for outings and such. I'll look into it after the New Year. : )

    @Victoria - How addicting is this song?!!?! I'm so cheesy...when it comes on, I just lose it! I'll check out your recommendation, je ne connais pas cette chanson mais "S.W.E.A.T" ? Vendu! LOL!