Day 204: Stay In.

Oh, Friday, Friday, Friday, how you've become the most entertaining day of the week for me, as well as the most exhausting where all I want to do is stay in after a long week. At work, I feel like everyone brings out their looney because they have just about had it and are ready for the weekend to start, but this Friday was exceptional. My office took weird to the next level.

So because I missed the copy machine training while I was in New York for Kitty's wedding, and not to be left out in office festivities, the representative was "invited" to come back to review the new machine functions for me. Exciting stuff. I stood in the tiny filing room with a middle-aged man named Jacky and watched him make photocopies, or rather look at the crack in his ass as he bent over to fuss with the uncooperative machine. Watching him photocopy one by one, one page after another, I had to stop him after the 50th to assure him that I understood the functions of the new machine. Clémence who has this irritating habit of asking questions with British inflections and despite her name is from Connecticut, interrupted our session to ask me to help her with the stamp machine that was once again off-balance.

Another highlight of the day was when the other administrative assistant who has this stupid power trip because she's the "head admin" told me that there have been comments made about my stapling and that perhaps I should be re-trained in that too. Really? Respire. I thought nothing could top her telling me last month that she was more advanced at mail-logging than me, but nope, I was wrong. Accusing me of my stapling inadequacies definitely one-ups the fact that she is better at recording mail activity than me. I accept defeat.

To add some festive cheer around the office, I played my favorite Italian holiday classic "Dominic the Donkey" because I horrified everyone with Gaga's clever, amazing yet completely ridiculous and inappropriate for work video, "Marry the Night". No one else seemed to be entertained by the fact that she is completely freaking out with Cheerio's in her bedroom in the mini-movie before the video actually starts. Come on, that's entertainment, people! "Anyone can do that," my co-worker Brian flatly commented clearly not impressed with Gaga, "It's not like no one has ever had a fit with cereal before, I saw my baby cousin do something like that on Skype like two weeks ago." He rolled his eyes and quietly walked back to his desk.

It's Friday night and I canceled my dinner plans with Aurelien to stay in, take a hot bath and watch Love Actually...again.

Bon week-end!


  1. You actually work with a woman who claims to have one on you when it comes to stapling papers?! Well, hang your head, pack up your bags and leave in shame!;) Talk about oneupmanship!;) It's so pathetic that you gotta laugh!

    Speaking of laughing: Domenick the Donkey?! LOL! Oh.My.God. I LOVE IT!:) Had never heard it before but now it's right up there with All I want for Xmas is my Two Front Teeth and I Want a Hippopotamus for Xmas (which, incidentally, I can't help but hear in my head whenever I see a Hippopotamus restaurant in Paris! And it sticks around for a while too!).

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Love Actually! When I first saw it at the movie theatre, I was a bit disappointed, but then I received it as a gift and watched it again... and whaddaya know, it grew on me! It's my fave Xmas movie (ex aequo with How the Grinch Stole Xmas the cartoon) and I watched it a few weeks back... and was thinking that I might see it again before the Holidays:) I find it strangely comforting:)

  2. Your colleague's real name is Clémence and she's from Connecticut?

  3. @Duchess - lol! She added the accent when she came to Paris to sound more French! No, this is not her real name but she does in fact have a French name albeit from CT. you know how French names go in and out of la tendance in The States. I think they are back in style now. Charlotte is the "top" baby name for the moment. My cat Charlotte wasn't pleased when she heard this. Quelle diva!

    I love the staple story! It's so great! I just smiled and went and e-mailed my mom who got a kick out of it. I'm glad you like Domenick the Donkey! AHAHAH! It's my favorite Xmas song. I think its a regional thing, I don't know if anyone outside of NY know this little gem@

    And I was the same way with Love Actually. I was kind of blah when I first saw it, but it grew on me too. It's a really comforting film, you're right.

  4. I rewatch Love Actually obsessively at Christmas. and then quote it. in public :/