Day 201: Write a Guest Blog Post.

Illustration by Nan Lawson

On a late night google search hunting down other blogs to discover, I stumbled across the fabulous Simply Solo: Single Girl Starting Over. Sound like anyone you know?

After reading several posts, a favorite being a dissection on why Mr. Big from Sex and the City is a bad influence and in short is kind of an asshole, I simply had to e-mail the author Catherine to offer my praise! Catherine promptly wrote back and after taking a peek at my blog, offered me to write a guest post for her site.

Frankly, I was a little nervous to submit an article to another blog. Being the editor-in-chief, art director, copy-editor, proof-reader, research manager and assistant, publisher and intern gives me carte blanche over the material published here at the world-renowned Tales from the Chambre de Bonne where I'm aware of my audience and am able to experiment. I haven't written my experience for anyone else before and what if she hated what I wrote?

I decided to throw caution to the wind and do what I know how to do best and write from the heart. Here's what I whipped up:
Getting Dumped in Paris

Thank you, Catherine for including me in your empowering blog! I wish I found you back when I was in the "thick of it"!  

Merci mille fois.


  1. Great guest blog written from the heart! I left a comment on Catherine's website.

  2. Well done on that, it was interesting to read a bit of the back story "pre-dump" :)

  3. @ MK - Thanks for the comment! : )

    @Gwan - Yeah, I wanted to get the whole story out, it's good for my new readers. Thanks for reading it.

  4. I love finding and reading new blogs... lesson planning aside for tomorrow, I know what I'm going to be doing!

  5. You're a great writer, Ella:) I wish you'd write that book already:)

    What will you be studying in 2012, by the way?:) I too am embarking on a grad programme:)

  6. @Duchess - Thank you!!!! Working on it...working on it...

    I'll be studying IT. It's what I was doing in Fashion in NY but want to expand and learn more of the back end. Let's hope I get the grants that I'm applying for. It never ends! And you? What are you looking into?

  7. Awesome!

    I wish I had something more eloquent to say, but i think Awesome sums it up well.

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