Day 195: Merci.

Illustration by Fifi Flowers

Gobble, gobble tout le monde.

It's Thanksgiving! Which in Paris which means that I'll still be going to work tomorrow, there will be rush hour on the métro, all of the stores will be open and no one will care because it's not a national holiday here in France.

But I am still American therefore I must give thanks for all of the incredible gifts I have in my life.

Today I'm reminded to be thankful for:

- My fantastic new friends who inspire me as well as my solid gold oldies. I love you.
- Meeting Aurélien.
- My family...well most of them at least.
- Living in the most beautiful city in the world.
- For being able to finally recognize that everything in life happens for a reason.
- Taking on the challenges of this year with humor and becoming a stronger person from this experience.
- Cheap wine options in Paris to help cope with aforementioned challenges.
- That Monsieur Flâneur dumped me! Thank God!
- This blog. This is what saved me.
- And for my amazing readers who "listen" to me bitch and moan day in and day out as I sort through the "Lifetime: Television for Women" movie that has become my life.

Happy Thanksgiving et merci beaucoup!


  1. I absolutely love your blog! I came across it a few days ago and read the entire thing from beginning to now in about 2 days. Keep up the awesomeness.

  2. Since I'm an American living in Paris, I also have to give thanks -- thanks for sharing your stories and your life with us. We don't "have" to listen to you bitch and moan. I read your blog because you put a smile on my face even when things aren't going the way that they should in the most beautiful city in the world. You've got a great attitude. Keep it up!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving. You'll be in my thoughts. And congratulations on getting into grad school. Let the celebrations begin!

  3. @Elsa - Beginning to end in two days?! WOW! Thank you so much so much for reading and your kind comment. : )

    @MK - Thank you! I'm happy to entertain! : ) Happy gobble gobble day to you too! Isn't your daughter in town now?

  4. Yup, I'm going around with an ear to ear smile on my face because she arrived yesterday morning.

  5. Happy Thanksgiving Ella!

    Mais non, du boulot! Bien, après, qu'est-ce que tu vas manger?

    I'm in Aix-en-Provence for a few days, soaking up the sun and 'pretending' to work. Now if only I could find a turkey!

    Thank you for all of the laughs and smiles!!

    "Lifetime: Television for Women" movie - LOL!

  6. Happy Thanksgiving, Ella!:)

  7. "For being able to finally recognize that everything in life happens for a reason."

    So true, my friend...:)

    Shirley said it best in her Oscar acceptance speech:

    Wise words I've been living by for years...:)

  8. Happy Thanksgiving Duchess and Laura!!

    Duchess, I will watch the video later when I can listen to the sound, I'm at work now. I can't wait! I'm assuming it's Shirley McClaine? Shirley Temple won an Oscar too though...ooh the suspense!

  9. Happy Black Friday! hahaha
    I hope you had a lovely Thanksgiving despite the (noticeable and understandable) complete lack of it here. Oy vey.

  10. @Dana and MCJ - Happy Thanksgiving and Black Friday to you too!!

    Dana - Enjoy Aix-en-Provence!! I've been dying to go there! I expect photos on your blog soon! xo.