Day 189: Kvetch!

By default, Friday posts are turning into me kvetching about annoying things that happen at work followed by a French pop song discovery. Being a creature of habit and generally not having enough time to write out a proper post because Fridays at work are chaotic, I thought I'd stick to old faithful until further notice.

Today as I was taking my lunch break in the kitchen, away from the madness of up-coming deadlines peppered with poor communication and reading the incredibly entertaining Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris, Clémence stomped in. She felt completely entitled to interrupt me mid-bite and sentence to ask me why the stamp machine is off balance. How annoying. I get 30 minutes to breathe and I intentionally eat in the kitchen to be away from the phone and my desk to fully enjoy my meal in peace. I passive-aggressively chewed my sandwich while answering her question that could have easily waited another 15 minutes since the mailman wasn't due for another three hours. I made sure to mention this with a full mouth of lettuce. 

I feel bad for writing this but I find Clémence unbearable. Somewhere between her falsely referring to me as her secretary, almost slicing my neck when I opened one of her envelopes by mistake or the fact that without fail she always changes the settings on the copy machine where I find myself collating 200 pages of paper. By hand. She manages to consistently irritate me. But maybe I'm just grouchy on Friday...

...that's why I need French pop, to pull me out of my funk and get ready for the weekend! You guys just might kill me for getting this stuck in your head because I promise, it will stay there for a while. This song started as a joke between Aurel and me as being one of the most annoying songs currently played on French radio but as with most annoying songs, I surrender to the cheese and end up liking them, if not loving them after several listens. I can't help it, it's just so damn catchy! And please, for the love of god, look at the redhead dancer who incidentally looks like my landlady to the right of Inna. She is the music video. 

Bon week-end! 


  1. Welcome back my dear!;) Hope you had a nice trip:)

    Sorry about your pet:( And I must say I am appalled by your vet's reaction... and I'm a vegetarian! I don't think you were taking the easy way out by suggesting euthanasia. You were just being compassionate. And yes, I too think that, animals being very intuitive, he was waiting for the whole family before he passed on.

    What?! Katie came in person to give you back your stuff (or at least part of it...)?! She didn't send the culprit NICOLETTA?!

    Your description of all that presentation nonsense at your friend's wedding is my personal idea of hell... why people have bridesmaids in the first place, I'll never understand.

    I can't believe you inflicted Kraft Dinner on that poor unsuspecting Sébastien...;) Personally, being the fancy Duchesse that I am, I am partial to Mac and Cheez Whiz... but don't tell anyone, it's my dirty little secret;)
    Shameful, I know;)

    Have a great weekend:)


  2. I agree; I hated it, loved it, hated it, accepted it. I'm sure her song "La Fille Du Lido" won't be far behind this hit on the radio.

  3. You're kvetching today - the day after the arrival of the Beaujolais Nouveau. Does this mean that you were (or weren't) one of the many people celebrating until the wee hours this morning? ;-)

    It looks as if I'll be going to sleep with "Coco, Coco Chanel" playing incessantly in my mind. Should have heeded your warning.

    Enjoy your first weekend back in Paris!

  4. @Duchess - Thanks for your kind words. It was sad to see our little guy go but he was in so much pain. I'm glad that we didn't have to make that decision and left on his own. We miss him. And yes, I saw Katie in person. She finally admitted to the theft and poor treatment of my flat, unfortunately I will have to pay for her damages. Grr. As for bridesmaids, I don't understand the tradition either, I really don't. But that's why I won't have them, should that day come!

    @Chickster - Right?! It's annoying but you want to hear it again. I want to play it now but my boyfriend has banned it for the weekend. : ( !

    @MK - THAT'S what was going on the other night!!! Ok! I didn't get what all the ruckus was about and why people were out raging on a Thursday night! Makes sense.

    Have a nice weekend everyone!