Day 179: Feel Like An Old Maid.

Kill me. Kill me now. Frances Bean is engaged

Ok, so, my best friend getting married before me? I can handle that. My little cousins? Fine. My entire graduating class? Ok. But Frances Bean Cobain? That's going too far. I remember when she was born! Who's next? Suri Cruise? Matilda Ledger? cat?!

If I wasn't already feeling like la merde with my vicious cold, well than this just sealed the deal. All I need is a Rachel Ray marathon to send me over the edge.

This little child is getting married...
I already had my period and was wearing training bra 
when this photo was taken.
Just sayin'...

Today is about Puffs Plus, shots of Nyquil and my Bridget Jones VHS. Yes, room at my mom's house hasn't gone through the Y2K update and I sleep next to stacks of YM Magazines and compact discs. 

I must get better for Kitty's rehearsal dinner tomorrow, I must get better for Kitty's rehearsal dinner tomorrow....


  1. Sadly I wasn't allowed to read YM (or the other teen mags) and I would hide them under my bed like a boy hides Playboy. Then I got caught and cried in my room for a day listening to The Cranberries, "No Need To Argue." FEEL BETTER!

  2. Frances Bean is already old enough to get married? (How old are WE in that case. Yikes.)

  3. Somebody needs a huuuu-uuuuuuuuuuuug!;)

    Hope you're feeling better now and that you'll be all set to party at your friend's wedding:)

    So where are you moving to then? Belleville?

    Oh, by the way, I think it's hilarious that you first thought I was a character conjured up by your mom or your aunt;)


  4. @Kristen - Blasphemy! YM ruled! I liked it better than Seventeen. But nothing, NOTHING was better than Sassy.

    @Kasia - LOL! Yes, she is old enough to get married. Where is the time going? No, really? Where?

    @Duchess - I think I'm in good shape for tonight. I am well enough to smell that the cat box needed changing this morning and I am craving a glass of wine, so I think we're good!

    And how did you know Belleville?! Ok, seriously, are you my mom?! : )

  5. Honey, stop. Frances Bean is like, what - 19 years old? She may be getting engaged. but it's not like that's gonna, uh, work out for her. Sure, it's crazy to think she's that old now (only yesterday she was a tiny babe!), but yeah, she's still a child.

    I've been reading your blog for a little while, and I LOVE your writing. Very compelling stuff! You have a very appealing voice. And I relate to a lot of your stranger-in-a-strange-land relationship woes. I'm in similar straits, though not in Paris.

    But you gotta stop with this "Ima scared Ima gonna be a old maid" discourse that I see lurking in your posts.

    From one unmarried 30-year-old from the NY area who is currently living in another country and goes to weddings every fricking time she comes home: you are not alone. Also: you are noooooot an old maid. This is just the *first* wave of weddings. It feels crazy because it's like--what? We're doing this ALREADY? It feels like it came out of NOWHERE. It gives me a little panic sometimes. And then I just take a deep breath and look around me, and enjoy whatever the fuck crazy awesome thing I am doing (that my married friends in NY aren't -- sorry, married friends) and I feel like, ok. The thing is, peer weddings are just bound to make us feel nuts right now. So just take a deep breath. And then just live your life. :) Comparing yourself to family or friends who've stayed at home and done what was expected of them...well, it's like apples and oranges. It makes sense to feel anxiety, but you need to keep it all in perspective.

    We are young yet.

  6. Hi there, wow thanks for your comment and I'm glad you like my blog! Really, thank you.

    As for the wedding stuff, I like to poke fun at myself. I know in my heart that I'm not an old maid and that Frances Bean is super young and getting married at 19 is not the 'norm'. It's all tongue in cheek! I also couldn't be more happy for my friends and family who celebrated their weddings this year! I'm in no rush...believe it! :)