Day 178: Feel Like Death....Warmed Up.

I wish I looked as cute as this.
 "Navy Nurse"
by Richard Prince

I must have caught something on the plane. I have been in bed for two days since I have been back and feel just awful. Awful, I tell you! I was hoping to see some other friends, my cousin Vinny and his new wife but feel like I need to stay in bed and kick this deathly cold before Kitty's wedding.  

On an annoying note, it's the first time that I have seen my things that were recovered from the Barbara Roy robbery and some of the items have been destroyed. My bags are filthy, my sweaters are stained, she dismantled a red bikini top to use as a string in order to identify "her" suitcase in the baggage carousel at Newark and she confessed to having more things. More things! So on top of trying to nurse the flu, I have to meet up with this person to get the rest of my belongings that she callously stole from my Paris flat. 

Now on a super cute French side note, I skyped with Séb who said "Oh là là" when he saw my ugly, drained, puffy, red-nosed face (not the cute part) and asked me what the pharmacist said in regards to my condition. How cute, he's thinking as if I went to a French Pharmacie where you tell the pharmacist your symptoms and the medicine is issued accordingly. I told him that Regina at Rite-Aid in Mineola didn't care if I bought medicine for a urinary tract infection or if I stocked up on more than one brand just as long as my credit card passed.

My mother made a big pot of Pasta e Fagioli, I'm camped out in bed and I have been catching up on all of the fall shows I missed in the hopes of being in tip-top shape for the wedding festivities that start on Wednesday. And by the way, in case you didn't already know, cats make terrible nurses. Bitches. 

Paris me manque déjà! (I'm speaking in 'code' to my francoreaders...)


  1. WIse and considerate of you to stay in bed and take care of yourself before the wedding. I don't know of any bride and groom who want to celebrate their wedding night by toasting with champagne flutes filled with NyQuil. I hope that you feel better soon. Your mom's Pasta e Fagioli sounds as if it will do the trick.

  2. That Rite-Aid pharmacist is more likely to give you a leftover Halloween costume than any kind of medical advice!
    Feel better and enjoy the wedding festivities!

  3. My best friend lives in Mineola! She loves it there. I call her 'doc' because she knows how to cure everything. I call her when I'm sick and she tells me what to pick up at Rite Aid/Duane Reade/CVS (I guess she's my French Pharmicist! lol). She's coming to France this month too; I'll be meeting her in Normandy because her bf has a jazz gig there. So, just so you know.. there's 'doc' nearby- I can always call her up! lol She's awesome (bc she would totally call you and help you out if needed).

    I have an obsession... I like to call Mineola... "areola"! I know, I'm 13 years old! My 'rents are furtha' out.. in... well near Middle Island.

    I'm glad momma's home and cooking you some good, healing food made w/ love. That and the TV - you should be healed in no time! Drink lots of tea too, and yeah, sounds like you may needs some meds.

    Sorry to hear about your stuff.. :( this girl sounds more and more insane! And scary.. ugh do you really have to meet up w/ her?

    ...Déjà! mon dieu, comme tu aimes Paris! Il y a de neige à NY? il fait plus froid qu'ici en France?

  4. Salut! I've been reading your blog for a couple of months now and I love it! I currently reside in Japan, but I was a teaching assistant in Picardie 2 years ago, so your tales make me nostalgic for La France. Plus as a fellow 30 year old native Long Islander, I enjoy the NY references. Well I just had to comment when I saw you mentioned Mineola because that's my hometown!! Glad to hear you gave your business to the Rite-Aid and not the CVS where the Jericho Diner used to be. I'm still angry they got rid of that beloved Mineola institution. Anyway, feel better and have fun at the wedding!

  5. @labougette - How funny! Yes, that CVS is ridiculous! I'd sooner go to the Walgreen's than that CVS, even if they have a drive-thru pharmacist! I miss The Jericho diner, The Townhouse on Hillside Ave. has stepped it up, so that's my new place when I'm in town. I'm heading there now for a grilled cheese. Thanks for reading and your comment!

    @Dana - Mineola is a funny name, isn't it? Me and my family call it Mine-ho-ho.

    @kristen - Exactly! They didn't seem terribly concerned with my ailment! Sometimes I prefer it, I hate speaking when I'm sick. I sound just awful!

    @MK - Working on getting better...the rehearsal dinner is tomorrow, hopefully I'll be at least 50% better. : /

  6. @Dana - Il n'y a pas de neige. En fait, il fait trop beau ici. : )

  7. Hey! I haven't disappeared! I've just been so so unmotivated to update my blog, and the longer I go, the harder it gets. I'm caught in a horrible trap at the moment.

    I hope you're feeling better!

  8. @Shannon - I completely get it. Just know that you have a loyal reader waiting when you're motivated again! I think the holidays will give you a boost!

    : )

  9. Katie Milleisen the lying thief strikes again!!!! Will this girl EVER go away?!

  10. She is the epitome of white trash, that one. And to think that she blames YOU for her problems... How much more fucked up can you get?

    And you actually have to meet her again? Geez! She's the gift that keeps on giving, isn't she?!

    I totally hear your about missing Paris! I'll be there in six weeks and just can't wait! I'm arriving on the 22nd of December:) Yihaa:)

  11. @Duchess - Ahahahahahah. Very nice. You're Canadienne, how do you know all of these American expressions!?!?!? LOL!

    I'm excited for your trip to Paris, unless you really are my mom, then I'll see you later. :P

  12. Canadian English, American English... same difference, really;) I say WASHROOM though, and "eh", so I guess that makes me Canadian;)

    And if I were your mom, how could I know about Pierre Perret's "le zizi"?;) And how could I know that the Québécois equivalent is "le clito"?;) (I'll email you the lyrics later!:)) You're in for a treat!:)

    As for Belleville... I am well acquainted with the real estate market in Paris;) Just couldn't (or didn't want to) picture you moving to Barbès or Stalingrad for a more affordable apartment (ewwwwwwwww!). Spooky!