Day 175: Make Yourself Happy!

I feel like I just wrote a Friday post a day ago! Is it me or do the weeks feel like they are flying by? For my heart broken gals, don't answer that. I know for you the days are going by like molasses but time will adjust back to normal speed sooner than later. Trust.

This weekend I'm heading to New York for my best friend Kitty's wedding. I'm grateful that I am able to fly out and that I was able to take time off, grateful that the timing is perfect and I am not a heart-broken loser mess and grateful that I get to see my little Kit Kat get married to a really great guy. God knows she has dated some real punks in her time as well. Haven't we all?

Now for la cousin Vinny sent an instant message to Kitty wanting to know why I could attend her wedding and not his and if she thought that it was right that I 'bailed' out on his. Bail!? If I get married here, do I reserve the right to be super pissed off if not everyone from New York can fly to France to celebrate my 'special day'?  

This is why traveling is so important, it allows you to see how other people live and that the world doesn't revolve this small scope of 'me' land. How could anyone expect someone to leave Europe on a Saturday and come back on Sunday to be at work Monday morning? I'm not a drug trafficker. 

Apparently Cousin Vinny pissed Kitty off too where she gave him her opinion saying that if it was her wedding in October that I wouldn't have been able to make it either and that it wasn't an attack against him, it's just the way it turned out rent, bills, work, life. She continued to ask who in my family acknowledged the fact that I had a rough year? The veil drama spread like a forest fire where within minutes everyone knew my feelings were hurt and had their little comments to make, but I get robbed and my home gets trashed in an another country by a rabid animal and everyone chooses to stay silent.

It's exhausting trying to live up to everyone's expectations where I feel like if I do one thing that works out better for me and my situation or if I express my feelings, I'm the bitch. I can't live my life trying to make other people happy. I spent most of my life doing that to always end up short changed. 

Anyway, it's Friday and this is supposed to be a happy post that pumps us all up for the weekend. My night will be spent packing, cleaning and eating light because I fear that the skin tight bridesmaid's dress that is waiting for at my mom's won't fit on my sausage link thighs. That doesn't make me happy...

This new song by Mika has been my guilty pleasure this week (which Séb makes fun of me for loving) and certainly makes me happy.  Who knew that this little love nugget sang in French? I certainly didn't!

Bon week-end à tous!


  1. Bon voyage - have a great time in New York and don't worry about the bridesmaid's dress. I'm sure that you'll look lovely and chic.

  2. Loved the song! It was so good that I had to come back and leave another comment (sorry). I'm listening to it and dancing around the kitchen getting ready to make some roasted veggies. Thanks for getting my weekend off to a great start.

  3. Thanks MK! Glad you liked the song! Isn't it so catchy?

  4. I'm sorry, Sweetie, but your cousin Vinny is being childish and unreasonable. He should get out of Long Island and see how the rest of the world lives! I'm glad Kit Kat told him what's what!

    Have a great trip and enjoy the wedding!:)


    (And for the love of God, stop saying "vous" to me, you make me feel ancient!;) I'm only gonna be 39 in December after all;) Oh, by the way... after 36, time REALLY flies!:))

  5. @Duchess - Ok, more vous! Seb's step mother told me stop saying vous also! I'd rather be scolded for saying vous than the reverse!

    Yeah, Vinny is being ridiculous. He'll get over it. I'm just going to go to their house with a bottle of wine and hope they'll be fine. : / Oh my family...

  6. Bon voyage!!

    This is my favorite cheesy song too - I've been hearing it on the radio for the past few weeks as I crisscross France for work.

    Speaking of which, I heard an interview with Mika the other day, and the reason he speaks French is because he lived in Paris until he was 9. And then his family moved to London and continued on at the French lycée there. He got so made fun of there though that his parents took him out of school and all that teen angst is what fueled his writing for his first few songs.

  7. Thanks Sam! Yeah, this is fun song.

    Thanks for the info. That makes sense because I was asking my bf if he detected an accent and he said that he hadn't, so we assumed he had spent time in Paris.