postcards from loire part one

Nothing strange here, nothing to see, move along...

I didn't see this man peeking through 
the window at me when I was taking this photo.

Dear Paris, 
Please get on board with with 1€ glasses of 
wine to support my 'interests'.
Merci mille fois


  1. gorgeous photos!!! i love seeing the red leaves since clearly they do not exist in paris! i cant wait to read your recap to hear more about the loire valley. seems like somewhere we need to check out. happy fall back and halloween.

  2. @kbh - Have no fear, my Paris newbie - the foliage comes mid to late November. Walk through Champs de Mars, it's incredible! You'd love Loire - it's so old and quaint!

  3. Oh my, I want to be there right now! Amazing photos.

  4. How did I miss this post?!? Your photos/postcards from the Loire are gorgeous. Now, I'm going to be scanning the countryside for 1 euros glasses of wine, cauliflower and men peeking out of windows -- forget the castles! ;) Thanks for helping me get even more excited about my upcoming romantic weekend!!!