Day 167: 'Don't Judge A Book By Its Cover'

 Illustration by Fifi Flowers

It's Halloween weekend in Paris! Woo Hoo. Which means only one thing: Nothing. My boss looked at me like I was an idiot when I asked him what him and his children were doing to celebrate. But that's fine, I'm going away this weekend and nothing is going to break my festive spirit! Not even Clémence who made a mistake by giving me the wrong address to send a package and told the client that me, her 'secretary' had misunderstood or the fact that I found a nasty long strand of blonde hair on my dress that belonged to the shady sublet who stole and thought that she could get away with it wore my clothes this summer or that the fact that the photocopy machine refuses to acknowledge its job function and make copies! Ok, I give up, this Friday kind of sucks.

At least this week I've satisfied my need, scratched my itch if you will with classic horror films like Halloween (1979), Dawn of the Dead, Psycho and my favorite The Rocky Horror Picture Show. 

Let's put sadistic copy machines, thieves and co-workers who should know that no one under the age of 50 (like her) should use the word secretary behind us and flashback to a happy time; it was a cold and rainy October night in 1992, I was heading to my dear friend Belle's house for the ultimate Friday night activity when you have braces and no Bat/Bar Mitzvah parties to go to: a sleepover! Life was so simple.

In front of Belle's house as I was getting out of the car with my overnight bag slung over my shoulder, my mom screamed out the window of her Pontiac Grand-Am, "Wait, I almost forgot!" she said as she reached in her bag and pulled out a blank VHS cassette. "I taped this on t.v last week, you girls are going to love it for Halloween!" I took the mysterious cassette out of her hand, knowing even then that my mom was cool and that whatever it was, it was going to be good - or at least interesting. "You'll thank me later!" she said as she was driving away down Belle's long cobblestone driveway.

We microwaved some Ready-Pop with melted junior mints, grabbed our Raspberry Snapple Iced Teas and planted ourselves amongst pillows and piles of Sassy Magazines in the room of her cool older sister who was away at Northwestern. Withing 20 minutes of the film, we were blown away with shock, laughter and loving that we were doing something completely different than what most of the girls in our class were most likely doing on this spooky autumn's eve. Leave it to my mother to send suggest a Rock Opera with transvestites, drama, blood and men in garters to 12 years old girls. Thanks, Mom. "It's a classic!" she always says, defending herself in her thick Long Island accent whenever I mention how inappropriate (yet amazing) it was that she saw this film fit for pre-teens.

I introduced this beauty to Aurelien last night who now loves my mother even more. And rightfully so.

Happy Halloween et bon week-end à tous!


  1. I don't like horror films but I love Rocky Horror - only rule is that when it gets to the Time Warp you have to dance!

  2. Haha, your mom sounds amazing! And I really have to try popcorn with melted Junior mints now. :) Happy Halloween weekend!

  3. Coucou! I'm back! Sorry about the hiatus: I was in Turkey for the week:)

    I LOOOOOOOOOVE the RHPS!:) Did you know that there's a movie theatre that shows it every Friday in the 5e arrondissement?:) That's what one of my colleagues told me:) Too cool:)

  4. @Han - You're so right, it's not the same without doing the Time Warp! The entire soundtrack to that movie is incredible!

    @Meredith - Thanks! Yes, my mom is pretty cool. Happy Halloween to you too!

    @Duchess - Coucou! How was Turkey? Istanbul?
    Seb and I were talking about going to see RHPS here. We'll look it up now that we know it's in the 5th. Thanks! Such a classic!

  5. Happy Halloween from LA Ella! :) I love your blog and your writing is simply amazing!! bisous B.B. <3 xoxoxox

  6. Merci Flaneur! (For my readers, this is NOT MF!) What are you crazy kids doing out in L.A? L.A is THE place to be on Halloween! Bisous!

  7. I had to re-buy my copy of Halloween one year after someone stole it from my dorm. On campus, I went one year to a live version of the RHPS. It was so funny, they had all the virgin viewers get on stage and taught them how to do the Time Warp.

    1. Oh no! Someone stole your Halloween! Bad karma!!! Isn't that movie great? Such a classic!

      I still haven't been to a live viewing of RHPS! Can you believe that!? Did you dress up as any of the characters?