Day 161: Double Date!

My range of music taste is broad to say the very least. I truly like everything. And that even includes some metal and country. My father who was a jazz drummer and a roadie for a big rock band back in the 70's was listening to Chick Corea, Coltrane and early Genesis, while my mom who brings out the dance girl Gaga in me, was listening to Madonna, New Jersey freestyle and disco. To honor both creators de moi, I have an appreciation and fondness for both sides of this music spectrum with a few of my own personal finds tucked in there. One being that I am a psychedelic/progressive/garage rock/vintage music nerd. In layman's terms, I love most music made in the 60's along the lines of The Zombies, The Yardbirds, The Castaways and Lou Christie. Well, I thought that the cheese stood alone on this one, especially in Paris, until I met May who has the same fondness for mini skirts, 'daddy' Dutronc, liquid eyeliner and vinyl. Chouette!

Nothing stopped me from my burst of excitement when May messaged me last week to let me know that 60's electronic band who were light years ahead of their time, Silver Apples were coming to Paris!

The plan was set on this chilly October night, it was Séb, myself, May and her new man, Ben whom she also met on the French dating site that I had met Séb. Running through the motley crew of attendees in my head, it hit me, we were going on a double online date! Ah! Trop mimi! "Stop reminding me, please!!" May pleaded at the obvious cheese factor that we imagined would be curdling over the night. My precious little May. What she doesn't realize is that we are success stories and we could be a commercial for the 30-something set trying to find companionship on-line! Can't you just see it? No? Yeah, me neither. The truth is that the marketing team would water down the pureness and obscurity of our date where we'd be at a brasserie in the 7th and Séb and Ben would be all wearing black and scarves, chain smoking and saying sleazy things in French where May and I would have highlights, wearing lip gloss and giggling. Fail.

The show was at an arts center in Boulogne-Billancourt and to say the crowd was eccentric would be like saying learning French is tricky, an understatement at best. "Where are all these people during the day?" Séb asked in amazement at the sight of a man in his 60's with short hair except for about hand full of long greasy strands that were tucked behind his ears who was asking obscure questions about the vinyl printing to another man wearing jeans, an old sweatshirt with grey hair twisted up in the most impressive chignon I have seen since last year's Golden Globes Awards. 

We found Ben and May who had the same giddy look of amusement on their faces at our surroundings and we walked into what looked like a high school auditorium and took our seats to watch the opening electronic band Zombi. The music was excellent but there was nothing interesting to watch and since we couldn't bring our cocktails inside (for real) the four of us sat in our cushioned seats and watched two guys play around with synthesizers and theremins on a bare stage with its makeshift 'light show' of strands of icicle Christmas lights that hung from a rafter that only twinkled during high intensity musical crescendos. None of us could help but grimace at the 'spectacular' before our eyes. If we were all teenagers, we would totally be making out, but now being in our 30's we can and/or have to control ourselves. Unfortunately. 

May and I couldn't take it and had to sneak away to get a drink at the snack bar that only offered hotdogs and champagne or coke. I love Paris. Before downing our last glass of bubbly that we were drinking like little girls trying to get drunk, the boys came out to let us know that Silver Apples were going to come out soon and they had found us better seats. 

Silver Apples, a duo from New York City whose 1968 album cover fashions young men with big hair and bangs wearing patterned tops posing in a spaceship are now just Silver Apple. Singular. The single living member, Simeon who is well in his 70's was rocking a purple turtleneck with ruched detailing on the sleeves, glasses and was managing his vintage keyboards and equipment as if no time had passed since the release of the classic 'Contact'. He played a fantastic set and I'm grateful to have seen his performance. Back when I found the record in my father's house, I never thought I'd actually see it performed live which added another dimension to the night's festivities.

If that wasn't enough, there were groupies who they themselves looked like they had gotten off a spaceship coming from the year 1965 were dancing on the both sides of the stage with their bangs and maxi dresses. One woman took it to the next level and was head banging while ferociously beating a speaker that was innocently set on the stage, a large drunk man who kept shouting appreciations in English while the rest of the dancers just looked like extras in a party scene on Beavis and Butthead. It was amazing. 

Our boyfriends deserve gold stars for taking us out on -for lack of a better word- an eclectic night in Paris. I couldn't help but think what this night would have been like if I was still with Monsieur Flâneur. For starters, he wouldn't have come and if he did, we'd be 3 hours late, he'd be chain smoking outside and complaining like a little bitch the entire time. Séb and Ben on the other hand, just looked at each other and their happy little American girlfriends who were enjoying themselves, laughing at how off-beat this double date was, shrugged their shoulders and said 'Ça va, elles sont heureuses!' Indeed, we were very heureuses as we introduced them to a completely different side of Paris.

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