Day 146: Walk on a Dream.

Ever since I heard "Les Plus Beaux" by François and the Atlas Mountain on Nova Radio last week, my musical world has been rocked where it's been on repeat on my little youtube playlist (I can't find this puppy on iTunes!). There is something about the ethereal melody that makes me nostalgic for memories I have never had where I almost feel like I'm a guest in someone else's dream sequence. A song hasn't tickled me like this since Breakbot's "Baby I'm Yours".

This weekend on top of the million other things I need to do, I will be constructing my autumn soundtrack and the slot for the opening track is still vacant.

This tune is a strong candidate for that coveted spot. The opening track sets the tone for the entire playlist and shant be taken frivolously! This song is like the Animal Collective side-project Panda Bear meets Of Montreal but in, well French. This song is a Sunday velib ride through Parc des Buttes Chaumont. Enjoy.

Happy Friday et Bon Week-end!

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