Day 144: Fall for Fall.

Photo by Rafal Orsinkski

Ascending from the metro at my usual 7:30pm time, something was noticeably different. It was dark out which means that autumn is truly here. There's a crisp coolness in the air, the leaves are starting to bleed colors of yellow, gold and russet and the wine shops are offering sales for their harvest selection from the vineyards. Autumn in Paris kicks Paris in the springtime any day.

Today I had an appointment with my former boss 'Tom Hanks' to review French taxes that I owe and other scary 'financey' things 30 year olds need to take seriously. It's cute in your 20's to let things go in regards to your finances but in your 30's, there's no excuse. Unfortunately.

Walking into the office, I took comfort in the fact that nothing had changed. The smell of the old Parisian office with its squeaky parquet floors, the sound of Nova Radio streaming from a nearby computer speaker and the sour glare of Clemence, one of the senior accountants who truly hates me, after I accidentally opened an envelope I thought was for Tom. I didn't read the mail, I was just instructed to pre-open all mail and wasn't told hers was excluded.  For some reason, this had offended her so much where she saw it fit to make a special phone call (that I picked up and transferred) to 'Tom Hanks' on her cell phone from outside the building to scream at him. Then the next day at work, she cornered me as I was coming out of the bathroom and got really close into my space in what felt a little threatening. I apologized and explained I didn't look at the mail and was just opening it as instructed but it didn't matter. She was outraged. And scaring me in the process. I've never actually felt threatened in an office before. And I used to work in fashion, at one point for Kelly Cutrone, so that's saying a lot.  

After a lovely Indian Summer, I am pleased to announce that Autumn is thriving here in Paris and it's only going to get better where the vin chaud vendors will open shop, the lights sparkle in the stark trees along the Champs-Elysees and every weekend is booked up with festive soirées. An exciting idea, although I don't have enough friends to be "booked up" every weekend.

I got gypped out of my autumn fantasy last year where Monsieur Flaneur and I were fighting and he was constantly hours late for dinner plans. I'd be left waiting in our home, all dressed up, trying to pass time on youtube and facebook in an effort to convince myself that it was 'no big deal'. Instead of a nice night out like I had hoped for, he would show up 3 hours late, be in a bad mood and accuse me of not understanding how hard his life was. Bon appétit?

Fast forward to this year, Autumn 2011 is here and I'm going to enjoy my fall fantasy, damnit. Time for new beginnings and saying goodbye to old demons. For the first time since I moved to my transition flat, I walked down my street, rue Vieille du Temple with a smile and a fresh outlook. I'm feeling ok these days. To quote Elton: "Change is gonna do me good". It already has....

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