Day 142: Feel Fashionable. Fabulous. Fierce....

I couldn't have asked for a better way to cap off my Paris Fashion Week experience than being invited to an event. Not just an event, it was the event. Last night, I attended a dinner hosted by a very well-known stylist and fashion powerhouse (no, not Rachel Zoe, although that would have been just as amazing!) To say that I felt honored to be personally invited by her would be an understatement. This woman is truly incredible.

Not having much to choose from to wear because all of my fun clothes have been magically delivered back stolen by my summer sublet to New York, my collection is limited to black dresses, old tights and moth-munched sweaters, therefor improvisation was key. My former fashionista came to the rescue and managed to whip something up that would pass - not impress but pass. Inspired by the autumn season, I went with a pair of mustard colored tights, a vintage scoop neck black draped waist cocktail dress, Dior gladiator heels, a vintage amber-colored jewel cocktail ring and...a canvas gym bag. Since my purses were included in the robbery, my gym bag has been hanging on my shoulders in lieu of my mini collection of more appropriate styles. Fashion fail. 

Good thing I'm not important....

I arrived at the restaurant in the refined 8th arrondissement, parallel to the hoity Avenue Montaigne; a neck of the woods that I can say that I hardly frequent. I'm not fancy enough. As I approached the door, I was greeted by a hostess who gently threw up a hand full of rose petals that skimmed the tip of my nose and fell down my shoulders. "Bienvenue" she said with a warm smile. Bienvenue, indeed. Now that's the way to be greeted in a restaurant. Take note French brasseries.

The party boasted the fashion elite - and then me. Everyone was just fabulous, truly la crème de la crème de la mode. I took a step back and absorbed the room. I remember having this life, the parties, the events and of course, the champagne. It's been a while but it was nice to take a peek into my past. After my moment of reflection, I bee-lined for the champagne bar for a little liquid courage. I was going to be alone for about a half hour while waiting for Aurel therefore I had to make due with my 'sparkling charm'. I figured a glass of bubbly could only enhance said sparkle to encourage small talk with a room full of fancy strangers.

Aurel finally arrived while I had a plate of chicken tikki masala in my hand, cheese nan stuffed in my mouth, a glass of champagne wrapped around my pinky, my gym bag balancing on my shoulder while talking to girl who didn't seem terribly interested in our conversation. Can you blame her? I was quite the vision of elegance.

Unknowingly, Aurel rescued the poor girl from the conversation that I had locked her in where she took this as an opportunity to escape from my food stuffed babble. "You're geniale!" he said laughing at how his girlfriend manages to stand out in any situation - and not stand out in that fabulous "who's that girl?" way. I'm glad someone adores this little bull in the china shop.

Although, it has been a bumpy return back to Paris with the robbery and the uncertainty of the next few months of my life, it's a vast improvement to what my emotional climate was a mere six months ago. Break-ups are a funny a thing where the end of feeling like absolute garbage is unknown. It can happen in weeks, months or in extreme cases, years. Luckily, it's only taken me a few months where I am now starting to feel alive again. 

I think what hurt the most was, was not so much the break-up, but the blatant absence of people who I thought were my friends these past two years in Paris. It wasn't until recently that I learned that Phil had his hand in my misfortune, by manipulating my relationship with Monsieur Flâneur and friendships by spreading false gossip in the efforts of what I can only assume was to having me lose everything and feel abandoned so I had to rely on him. Well mission accomplished. Bravo. I was left alone to pick up the pieces and make new friends and a new life for myself - again. With this new piece of information, everything makes more sense.

I experienced betrayal in Costco volume this year but I'm learning from each stab to not get too hardened by these circumstances, I've got to keep on moving. Each hardship makes me appreciate moments like last night even more where I realize that life throws us surprises, good ones and bad ones, so here's to kicking your heels up to life's little presents!


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      I'll be touching more on that in future's so so much worse.

      This was a huge disappointment for me.