Day 137: Root Your Friends On!

This blog is in dire need of a positive post that has nothing to do with home invasions, parties and panties. Let's put the sublet drama aside for a second and focus on something more constructive, say, the release of friend's book? I couldn't think of a better way to turn the tide. Today I am so proud to announce the release of my dear friend Brett Sills' first novel "My Sweet Saga", his love letter to Sweden or even chick-lit written by a guy. God bless. And yes, I am shamelessly plugging his book because I love this guy.

Brett isn't just a flash in the pan friend, a bar buddy that you only find things in common with once you get drunk (he actually doesn't drink - I know, what do we have in common?). Brett is the real deal, one of my oldest friend, up there with Kitty, who I love and has a way of pissing off this feisty Italian with flawless finesse.

Brett and I date back to 1996 when kids our age were experimenting with bong hits and beer pong at suburban house parties. Us on the other hand could be found on Friday nights, nerding out in AOL Indie Rock chat rooms where heated debates on whether the (at the time) newly released album of Pavement's Brighten the Corners was better than the indie darling album Slanted and Enchanted and if Sleater-Kinney was selling out because they were featured in Spin Magazine's 'Top 10 to Watch' were had. Along with Brett, was musician Adam Green, tv/radio personality Jake Fogelnest, Yoko and other friends who have since gone on to becoming successful artists and photographers. Within these cyberwalls, The Indie Rock Brat Pack was born.

Discussions in these chatrooms were taken with as much seriousness as a political debate. While the boys got away with letting their teenage opinions run free, me being one of the few token girls allowed in the Indie Rock Boy's Club, had to choose my words gingerly because these guys were a tough crowd. My shy 15 year old girl indie rock commentary would usually get lost in one of Jake's multi-lined rants about a cute girl he had seen at the show at Tramps that evening and asking us if we thought she dug him. Of course she did, they always did. Jake was a babe magnet who had a show on MTV that he filmed out of his bedroom. Major points, especially at 15.

1996, a gilded time where there was always a faint taste of blood in my mouth from the wires of my braces scraping the back walls of my gums, Delia's catalog pastel colored sparkle gel eyeshadow crusting up on the lids of my eyes and life's decisions were deciding whether we were all going to meet up at Other Music or Ray's Pizza on St. Marks. Life was good. The 90's was a lovely time to be a teenager, good music was easy to find, MTV played videos, the economy was booming and text messaging didn't exist. Paradise. Anyone who knows me knows that I think that text messaging is the downfall of social interaction and proper communication. In short, I absolutely despise it. 

Once college came, the group slowly dissipated where Brett and I remained in touch and both went off to the Pacific Northwest for school. Him, Portland, Oregon at the renowned liberal arts school, Reed College and me, Olympia, Washington to the "festive" liberal everything school, Evergreen State College. To the present, where he is now a successful writer living in Los Angeles and me, a starving blogger living in Paris. I'm the crazy watered down version of him.

Brett, 15 years after meeting on-line has just released his first novel and I couldn't be prouder. Since it's not available in Europe yet, I'll have to wait until I go back to The States to get my hands on it but for those of you who are there, it's definitely worth checking it out. He's got a sharp wit, is brutally honest, tells a great story and has a likeable voice. Isn't that what we're all looking for in a book? Now I just have to get his cul over here in Paris to write the sequel.

Ok, Now I'm off to try to sneak into Paris Fashion Week shows where I'll just end up being the fat girl on the sidewalk. Hey, no one said living in the most glamorous city in the world was easy.

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