Day 132: Have A Mini Dinner Party.

I'm finally getting comfortable with my flat and recently just started sleeping at home alone again. I reserved an entire day to disinfect and too deep clean where I moved all the furniture, conditioned the rug, pulled out the vacuum and got in all the nooks and crannies of my humble abode that was abused by a pute. Upon cleaning, I discovered rolling papers, condom wrappers, empty water bottles, a helmet that I've never seen before and more of my clothes crumbled up and stuffed in corners. My favorite part of my crazy summer sublet's e-mails have been when she claims that she left my apartment exactly the way I did. Is this girl out of her mind? I certainly did not leave it in squalor with trails of debauchery and madness, you crazy broad.

Throughout this whole sublet brouhaha, Aurélien has been amazing. Monsieur Flâneur would have yelled at me, told me it was all my fault (perhaps), that I have too many articles of clothing (partially true) and would blow off my feelings calling them dramatic and irrational (what a jerk). Aurélien, on the other hand, was calm, helpful and looked for solutions by not adding more to my problems with annoying side comments. Why was I engaged to MF again? The more time that passes where I am able to see the relationship from a distance, the more I realize what a jerk he was and how I had the patience of a saint. Bon débarras is all I can say.

With my sparkling clean apartment and to say thank you for being so amazing, I invited Aurélien over for dinner. Arriving promptly at 7pm, he was welcomed with a plate of smoked salmon accompanied by a yogurt dill sauce, a bowl of Terra chips and a chilled bottle of champagne for a little pre-dinner apéro. Dinner was a simple herb marinated chicken breast, lemon honey glazed carrots, rosemary roasted potatoes, a bottle of Bourgogne and a warm baguette that we enjoyed to the soundtrack of my new favorite TSF Jazz station

We ended up staying up until 1 in the morning talking, laughing and playing our favorite game of English and French slang hangman where we teach each other obsolete expressions in our native languages. The hit of the night was chanmé which I roughly translate to "that's off the hook", a truly ridiculous expression in both languages. We finished the bottle of wine, were delightfully toasted and collapsed into bed by 2am. My relationship with him is easy. He lets me focus on my life and what I need to do and doesn't smother me, overwhelm me or make me feel anxious and stressed. That's what my life with MF was like; difficult. I'm too old for difficult, life is hard enough.

We woke up this morning an hour before the alarm went off to my phone ringing. It was from an out of area number. It was my mom. She was in Paris. Paris as in downstairs in front of my apartment. Oy! "Let me up, I have to pee." she barked into the phone. You would think that I live in Queens by the way she pops in on me. Pressing the intercom buzzer, I alerted the half-awake Aurélien about our visitor. This would be his first time meeting the legendary Madame Coquine. So how did our little Français do? On verra demain!


  1. At this point, I believe this Katie woman is criminally insane... There's no other way to explain her behaviour. It's painfully obvious that she is NOT playing with a full deck!

    Sébastien seems like a keeper:)

    Isn't chanmé "méchant" in verlan?

    Your mom's a riot! I think a whole blog or novel or even book series should be dedicated to her:) (Hilarious... but oh so spooky that she can turn up on your doorstep without warning halfway across the world:).


  2. @Duchess - Yeah, it's méchant, but méchant in like a "wicked awesome" way.
    We got our translation here:

    The "off da hook" translation came from me which is my cheesy way of saying awesome, great, "sick"!

    And yes, my mom is very entertaining. Sadly, her pop-ins don't disturb me as much as they should. She made quite an impression on Séb! I'll post tomorrow! :)