Day 129: Channel Lauren Hutton.

Autumn is here! Time for sweaters, scarves, knit, boots and hats! This is the time of year when I treat myself to vanilla lattes, a splurge at Wolford for a pair of chunk knit tights and an afternoon off to finally read the September issues of Vogue and Elle (American and French).

Today I wanted to channel one of my favorite 70's style icons Lauren Hutton and wear a button down shirt, my favorite wide legged high-waist jeans, a floppy hat and a leather messenger bag to carry the pounds of magazines. Taking a break from my admissions essays, I planned to sit in the park near my house and catch up on things that I can no longer afford. I jumped out of the shower and went to grab my jeans, hoping that I'd fit into them (which is always a concern with my fluctuating ass size). I love these jeans so much that I bought myself two pairs in light and dark denim at the now defunct Nolita boutique, 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly'. But wait, I couldn't wear these jeans because of course, they too have been stolen by Barbara Roy, the sublet from hell. Putain! No Lauren Hutton throwback for me. Damn this girl for robbing me of a good homage!

This blog should be called 'Surviving Getting Robbed in Paris' because this is taking way more of my time than it should. Every day I make a new discovery of what's been stolen. The new list is as followed: Tom Ford 'Black Orchid' perfume, knit knee-highs, 2 pairs of jeans and the grossest thing to find missing; a vintage grey silk teddy. I feel like a 'Golden Girl' for saying that I own one but I do, well did. It sounds much sleazier than it is but I used to wear this under high-waisted skirts and a cardigan. So she stole my socks, jeans, perfume and...teddy. It must have been Christmas morning in my apartment that day. 

I decided that I'm no longer dealing with this, I told her from the start that if she gave me everything up front that there would be no questions asked and that I would disappear but now I'm forced to put this in the hands of a professional. I have been very fair with her, somewhat patient but now this is going too far. Ça suffit!

Poor 22 year old Barbara is trying to get a job in fashion or beauty but unfortunately for her, people in fashion love to talk and this story has made it on to the desks of a lot of people. I can't imagine a grand larceny conviction being fun to explain during an interview. Hey, I'm not going to be the only one who has to learn a lesson here.


  1. ça ne finit jamais cette histoire ! Putain ! Quelle salope !

  2. @Agathe - Oui, je sais. C'est chaint! J'en ai marre de cette connasse!

  3. Oy! While I'm happy to hear that your mother has recovered some of your things from this chick, that's sooooooo annoying that she basically went through everything. I still can't get how a person can do that (and then deny it). Geez.

  4. @Shannon - Seriously, it's sooooo annoying. It's making me crazy that every time I go to grab something, it's gone!!

  5. This girl is total trash, she stole your lingerie!?!?!

    I hope this girl never gets a job! I work in fashion in NY and I'm forwarding this to my boss. This story is insane!

  6. What a loser, this "Katie Milleisen" is. I feel sorry for the people who have to deal with her. Trust that she will get her own, everyone does. She mistook your kindness for weakness, too bad she didn't realize what a tough broad you are! Hang in there, kiddo!

  7. @Rachel - LOL! Insane indeed. I hope your boss is entertained. ;)

    @Anony - She did mistake my kindness for weakness. Silly girl.

  8. She created a lot of karma for herself, that crook... A lot. I'm glad the word will spread. Can you imagine being in fashion and hiring a thief with "multiple personality disorder" to boot?! Means her craziness actually multiplies... ewwwwww!

    I'm glad you have your dad watching over you:)


  9. I feel sorry for her in a sense, in the sense that she probably didn't realize you would take it this far, and she's planning on working in fashion - which, if you can spread the word enough (and you should!) is now unlikely to happen.

    But then how could she not think someone would take it to this level? Also she's 22 - I hope she doesn't try to use the 'it was a youthful mistake' card. There's young like 16, and then there's being in your twenties, where you just don't do this sort of shit. I could forgive entirely if some 16/17 year-old came across my stuff, took it, and upon my first email to them, sent me an embarrassed and grovelling apology, along with all my stuff sent back. But this is just inexcusable. She should have had the courage to put her hands up and admit she was wrong, ship it all back over to you, and ask you how she could make it up to you. And she should have done that upon your very first blog post on the subject.

    What are you doing now, getting a lawyer to sort it out? By the way, do you work in fashion yourself?

  10. @Duchess - and to think this creep was sleeping in my bed. That keeps me up at night sometimes. I can't even imagine what creepy things she did in there.

    @H - I worked in fashion in NYC for several years before coming to Paris. I haven't been able to get a permanent job here in fashion, not even with my experience. So when I'm not collating paper, I freelance in showrooms during market/fashion week. But I'm looking to get back into it at some point. As you can tell from my blog, I do like my fashion. :)

    As for that little gremlin, yeah, she is playing the "I'm young" card still under the Nicolette alias. And of course I was going take it this far - I'm Italian! Vendettas run in our blood! I'd be a poor excuse for an Italian if I let it go. LOL!

  11. LOVE chunky knit tights. Could not for the life of me find a pair in NYC last year and I've seen them everything here! Also love Lauren Hutton. Hope you're enjoying the first few days of fall!

  12. @kbh - Thanks, yes am enjoying the fall season, I hope you are too! This is the best season 'a mon avis'!