Day 122: Be A Bombshell.

How amazing is this?

And this?

As Rachel Zoe once said "I'm not dying, but I'm actually dead right now. It's so fierce that I am literally in my coffin." Ok, while I'm certainly living and breathing, I'm absolutely loving this editorial. Being out of the loop of anything that doesn't pertain to Paris, the Parisian Fashion Heist, other people's weddings and jetlag, I had no idea that Michelle Williams was portraying Marilyn. I'm sure this news has been out for quite some time but humor me as I just get on board here. Her portrayal is either going to be totally amazing or totally awkward but either way, girl looks fierce in the October Vogue. Who styled this gem? 

This look brings me back. I bet you didn't know that I actually went Marilyn blonde once...and it was probably the worst thing on top of anyone's head you've ever seen. After donating 13 inches of hair to Locks of Love, I wanted to do something adventurous with my new short haircut and went to the beauty supply shop on Vermont Avenue in Los Angeles for inspiration. I got inspired alright and purchased all of the accouterment one needs to double process and strip their hair of its natural color and turn it in to, as the box promised: 'Almond Toast'. Almond Toast my ass. A combination of my lack of skill, my dark Italian girl thick hair and the fact that a dye job like this should probably be done professionally, it came out looking like what I could imagine lemon cotton candy to look like. And on good days, it was more Rose from the Golden Girls. Either way, it didn't exactly go with my thick dark eyebrows and my olive tone skin. 

I knew it was time to throw in the bleach stained towel when one afternoon at a Starbucks on Santa Monica, I overheard a little boy say to his mother, "Mommy, the cookies are over there, in front of that old lady!". When I turned around, the mother was horrified to see a little 23-year-old face under a mop of yellow fluff looking back at her. She was embarrassed, I certainly was embarrassed and as maturity would have it, the little boy wasn't and stood there pointing and laughing at me. I went back brunette the following hour. The point of this is that you don't need to be blonde to be a bombshell and Italian girls who aren't Madonna or Gaga can't pull it off. You hear that Donatella?

Ok, so I'm sort of hiding in this girly post about hair dye, a more pressing matter. My boyfriend who now has access to my blog will probably be bored and sick of translating by the second paragraph and go back to reading so now we can talk. He is organizing an intimate dinner tomorrow night with his friends and their girlfriends who are all anxious to meet me. This scares me. More than you know. I mean, it's only fair that he would want me to meet his friends, he's met all of mine (in Paris that is), spoke English with them and was just overall fantastic. The difference between us is that I don't feel so overall fantastic, at least not these days. I'm my own worse critic. I know all his friends would and should only care about how I treat him and how we get along, it's not a job interview but I'm so competitive with myself that if I don't have anything outstanding to share with an inquiring audience, like family and your boyfriend's friends, then I'd rather not say anything.

Or maybe I'm just having flashbacks. I remember when Monsieur Flâneur and I started dating, I wasn't working at the time and his females friends picked at me like vultures saying that they didn't understand what I was doing in France with faux-concern while giving each other that French 'n'importe quoi' look. At the time, I didn't know what I was doing either but it certainly wasn't their place to call me out on it. It felt awful and I remember MF not really defending me and in fact correcting my French. Note to Frenchmen: Don't correct your girlfriend's French in front of other people. It's humiliating. Not that all of this would happen again, my past and present loves are night and day. I guess I'm just getting those new relationship jitters where you want his friends to like you because you like him so much. I mean, I don't do oddly inappropriate things in front of new people, I save that for once I get to know them and am generally pleasant to be around. That should suffice for the first meeting. Do you get nervous when you meet the friends for the first time? Or is this just me being dramatic? Which is not outside the realm of possibility...

Respire. Tomorrow night will be fine. I'll show up with a nice bottle of wine and do my own take on bombshell: a vintage cocktail dress (hopefully the one I have in mind wasn't jacked from my closet) peep-toe slingbacks, nude fishnets, hair (brown!) twisted in a side bun with vintage brooches tucked in and a smile. That's all I can do. Wish me luck!


  1. Wow. She looks absolutely AMAZING as Marilyn. Re your bleached blonde hair - did it not totally ruin the condition of it? I've thought about bleaching mine before, but decided I'm so pale and transparent I would look like ghost girl. Literally, just a shimmering see-through blur of white. I think the bleached thing looks good with a particular kind of skin, pale skin but that kind of golden pale variety, you know?

    Re your thing tomorrow night - seriously, good luck. I remember how terrifying those events are, but you have a lot to talk about and seem like the sort who will definitely be able to hold their own (plus the outfit sounds good, although I did have to stop an try and imagine what nude fishnets would look like...again, something I will have to keep away from my own blueish tinged pins). Bon courage! xx

  2. I did ruin it. A lot of it fried off and I had pieces at the crown of my head that were like 3 inches long. I highly recommend getting it done professionally! You should do it! Who knows you may like it!

    Dinner went great last night, btw! His friends are wonderful people!