Day 114: Ch-ch-ch-changes.

Autumn is upon us and the changes are happening faster than I thought they would. August was only a mere few days ago but the dominance of September cannot be ignored. Summer is officially over. The leaves are already starting to fall, the air is cooler, the summer bugs are losing their luster and it's time for me to go back to Paris. It's funny how it happens in a matter of days, autumn has a way of creeping up on us where everything suddenly seems to be so different. 

Phil is back in Paris and filled me in on the town gossip. Paris is Payton Place, a mini-dramatic series where there are no secrets, and everything is revealed after a few drinks, always at La Perle. This is what came out last night...

Monsieur Flâneur is selling his restaurant and according to Phil is moving to Dijon with his special someone. Exhale. The morning of my birthday, because of the 6-hour time difference, I woke up to several e-mails from my dear friends in France sending me birthday wishes, not excluding MF but he said: "You met someone else before I did. Good for you. I am alone and you have moved on. It's funny that your apartment is trashed. LOL." No reference to my birthday or the move to Dijon with his girlfriend, but just some snarky e-mail about Aurélien and almost accusing me of leaving him all alone when he is, in fact, seeing someone and sent me that useless e-mail for no reason. I can't help but think 'poor girl', he is volunteering to his ex-fiancée that he is single and lonely while she's thinking that she met this great guy (she's me...2 years ago). Mademoiselle, Good luck with him. He's quite a handful. 

I took a breath, a sip of coffee and looked at my flowers from Aurélien and said to myself "30 is about forgetting about Mr. Wrong and focusing on the man who sends you flowers, not the jerk who pretends that he doesn't know it's your birthday and keeps his current girlfriend a secret." In my 20's, I would have fooled myself into thinking the guy who was treating me like dirt was 'the one' because the chase would have tainted my perception but now I'm 30 and know better. I refuse to end up alone at 36 because I let n'importe qui jerk me around. The tit for tat can last for years and I'm in no position to become a victim to worthless nonsense. I'm too old for a 'Bad Romance'...

Phil also told me that the witchy American girls are leaving Paris for good because one couldn't find a man and the other couldn't find a man or a job. If they had better attitudes, were nicer people, took the time to learn the language and didn't force their 'Americaness' on the natives, they may have had better luck in both departments in Europe's toughest town. Bon débarras! 

Today is about accepting change, growing and learning from old mistakes, looking to the future with new friends, a new love and finally kicking MF to the curb where he belongs. Good luck in Dijon.

Update: (June 7th, 2012) He never did move to Dijon, he was never going to, and he also never had a girlfriend, at least nothing serious. This was Phil's manipulative scheme to get me to call MF to find out what was going on which would continue our communication and to keep my feelings for him ignited. This would have been a domino effect on my relationship with Aurélien who wouldn't have stuck around if I was still calling my ex, and would have ended up single and dumped by two guys, and still hanging out with Phil. All of this would have happened had I fallen for his little plan, but unfortunately for him, I was starting to get hip to his motives. Nice try.


  1. Have you found anything out about the state of your apartment yet?

    And I think you have a really good attitude regarding MF. I don't know what your life was really like with him, but it sounds like you have a much better thing going now.

  2. My apartment was trashed. Charles is actually staying there for a few days and is cleaning it. He said there were cigarettes clogging the sink drains, knocked over broken lamps, moldy food in the fridge and it smelled weird. That girl was a total idiot. I'll never sublet to someone I don't know ever again!

    As for MF, he was great in the beginning but he got progressively more unbearable with his lying, erratic behavior and disrespect. He became awful. Thank god he broke up with me! Blah!

  3. I can't believe how horrible people can be to other people's property. It's just disgusting!