Day 69: Ladiez Nite.

The weather has been just awful for the past week where I have been staying in wearing sweaters and slippers sipping on red wine. Friends and family in New York are roasting from a heat wave, and we are all freezing here in Paris. Frustrated, I realized that there was only one way to fight this otherwise lackluster summer: tequila. I lured May to Phil's house by posting a live video of Kool and The Gang's "Ladie's Night" on her Facebook page and promised that she could be the "Sophisticated Mama" while I'd be the "Disco Baby". We invited my summer sublet, Katie, to join in on the fun for a night of homemade guacamole and margaritas on a cold and rainy Thursday July.

Picking up the ingredients at Carrefour before, I was disappointed to learn that they did not have Jose Cuervo but instead had San Jose and instead of sour mix, I had to improvise with "Pulco", a lime-based concentrate. I had never taken on the task of making margaritas before, so this was going to be an adventure for all involved.

I got home and lined up all my goodies for the night's festivities. I had my tomatoes, red onions, avocados, lime, garlic, chips, tequila, and Pulco. I put a flower in my hair, played some Manu Chao and got choppin'! May and Katie promptly arrived, ready to partake in total Girl's Night In. May's job was to take on the guacamole, Katie's was to make the playlist, and mine was to mix-master the pitcher of margaritas. A few minutes later, I heard a scream from May in the kitchen. Upon opening the avocado, this is what she found:

...avocado death. We opened all of them and one out of every three looked like we opened a casket in a vegetable cemetery. We googled black avocados and apparently, there's nothing wrong with it, so May continued making the guac with our Little Shop of Horrors avocados. One little bump in the road, no biggie. I was confident that my pitcher of margaritas would vanish all brown guacamole woes. Within minutes, a frothy pitcher of heaven was staring back at me. I took the first sip of my south of the border elixir and immediately spit it out. I might as well have been sucking on a lime, I didn't realize that there wasn't any sugar in Pulco. It was pure lime juice. The only solution to balance the taste out was to add more tequila. Naturally.

To add to the guacamole drama, there were brown stringy roots that we had to pull out with each bite that we made a pile of that ended up stacking higher than the actual guacamole. After three margaritas, we didn't really care what it tasted like. We just didn't look at it while eating.

May, Katie and I capped our night with a dance-off in Phil's living room to an eclectic mix of The Kinks, France Gall and Britney Spears. I tried to slip in a little Beyonce, who May loathes and was immediately vetoed for Lady Gaga as a compromise. The perfect cure for break-up blues is dancing with your girlfriends with about a liter of tequila in your bloodstream to pop music. 

I'm enjoying my new girlfriends! This break-up is turning into the best thing that has happened to me. On verra...

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  1. AnonymousJuly 21, 2012

    I've had ladies nights where one (or all) of the ladies didn't end up as friends. "Girl dating" when moving abroad is tough. I much rather prefer it with guys. Fun times, but bittersweet thinking about it. Not of them robbed me blind though! Geez, just reading about you having a girl's Gettin' Down n' Nasty (HAHA!) night with Miss Katie SocioPath M. makes me shiver.

    On a lighter note - you sound like so much fun! To have that much enthusiasm after a break up to throw a sassy party, wow.

    I have yet to make a margarita. I usually go with making mojitos -- seems so much easier!

    And I have had that avocado experience numerous times in France too! What the eff.