Day 62: Bastille Day! I mean...14th of July.

Video by Me.

I was dreading Bastille Day because, at this time last year, it was pure magic. I thought I was spending the rest of my life with someone I was madly in love with and who loved me back. I never imagined fast forwarding a year later that everything would be completely different. C'est çomme ça, hein?

Last year, Monsieur Flâneur and I watched the fireworks on the rooftop of his friend's apartment in the 16th, and although we were at a packed party with Parisian bourgeoisie, it was as if we were the only two people in the world. When I find myself dozing back into the intoxicating past, I mentally slap myself and remind myself that that was then and this is now, and the reality is that things have changed. Get over it! Saying that I spent the afternoon with Aurelien where we had a 3-hour lunch at Le Paradis au Fruit sipping on raspberry mojitos, sharing guacamole while playing Franco-Anglo hangman teaching each other expressions in our native tongues.

After teaching him obsolete expressions like 'That's Whack', we Vespa-d down to the Eiffel Tower in holiday bumper to bumper traffic to meet up with May to watch the firework extravaganza. This year wasn't as cozy as last year on a private rooftop sipping Rosé but I suppose everything is more comforting with a diamond ring on your finger and a promise for a future. This year offered a more carnal experience of standing like cattle on the grassy island in front of Trocadero, being stuffed in between tourists where baby carriages were being crowd-surfed over us, a singing Polish duo who did a smashing rendition of 'Can't Take My Eyes Off of You', a woman hovering her child over seated spectators threatening that her baby will pee on them if they don't move, and a loud American, presumably from the South who kept asking "foreigners" to smile for her camera. It was colorful and festive to say the very least and I loved it. I found myself looking at May who was appalled at how ludicrous the situation we planted ourselves in had become, and Aurelien who took it like a good sport and didn't scoff at us for choosing the most ridiculous thing for a bunch of Paris locals to do on the 14th of July. To put it into perspective for you, it's like asking a New Yorker to go to the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Definite points for Aurelien.

The show was what you would have imagined; there were fireworks, oohs, ahhs and a Polish singing duo couple who kept us entertained with the musical accompaniment during the entire program. My personal favorite was their cover of 80's one-hit wonder 'Two of Hearts' during the heart-shaped fireworks. These two really knew how to work with their audience!

On the way home, the traffic was a force not to be reckoned with and took us nearly two hours to get back. The accidental detour to Versailles certainly didn't shave any time off of our commute. Something about being on a scooter, being surrounded by trucks and cars in a Parisian rond-point with drivers whose bumpers are inches away from your knee while screaming French obscenities out their window, adds an escalated level of vulnerability. I was slightly terrified and was happy to be released in front of my apartment scotch-free at two in the morning.

This Bastille Day  - I know, I know, no one calls it that - it's the 14th of July - turned out to be less tragic than I would have imagined and certainly more adventurous. Ring shming, who needs a ring when you have an adorably sweet guy escorting you all over Paris in a baby blue Vespa. I guess everything is more fun on wheels.

I am still not ready to make this an official relationship, so I didn't invite Aurelien to stay over. I think I may have hurt his feelings. I don't know...I'm just taking this one step at a time. Something I didn't do with MF.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 17, 2012

    Awww that's sweet, the whole Seb and vespa and last paragraph bit. Seems taking things one step at a time works out! :)