Day 56: Avoid Sleazy Guys.

For the month of July, there are free concerts held in front of the Mayer's office in the 3rd. I haven't taken advantage of these free concerts since I have lived on this side of Paris but when I heard that the pop French group Brigitte was performing, I decided to nix my Friday night 'Booze and Beauty' ritual of waxing, exfoliating, deep conditioning, self tanning while drinking red and walk up the street to enjoy a free concert with the lovely May. 

The closed off street was packed and getting through was taking more time than expected and the itch for a glass of wine to christen this Friday night was becoming dire. Not wanting to wait on the long lines that were packed with concert goers of the local cafes, we stopped at the near-by Franprix to get mini twist off bottles of white and a bag of Lay's Cheeseburger chips. Yes, cheeseburger flavored chips that I'm under the impression that Lay's makes exclusively for France as there seems to be a high demand for beef flavored and in this case infused with pickle flavor potato chips. Enjoying our cocktail hour in front of the supermarket, we were able to watch the bands, people watch and gossip. Class all the way.

After the show, we sat on the stoop in front of a closed exit of a hotel to finish our wine and talk about the failure that is the fashion website we thought we were working for when two guys showed up holding a bottle of champagne and started talk at us. They were on full force and made themselves comfortable as they squeezed themselves between us on the stoop putting us in awkwardly close proximity to their faces. 

While I wasn't terribly enchanted by them, May was beyond horrified by their presence and wasn't entertaining the conversation as much as I probably shouldn't have been. Something about the fact that they were married with children our age and that they kept insisting that we go to a dark park with them to drink wine wasn't exactly winning her over with delight.

I made the compromise of offering to go to La Panfoulia where I know the bartenders and where we would be far from dark and deserted open spaces with complete strangers. May on the other hand, altogether stopped responding to them before they got the hint, stopped trying to sell us on their date rape idea and left after their drink.

Today is about recognizing that even when you're at your lowest and searching for any kind of connection to serve as a bandaid for the loneliness that takes residence after a break-up, its never ok to go to parks at midnight with creepy old married men. 

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