Day 51: Sunday in the Park.

I skipped through day 49 and 50 because, in all honesty, those days were pretty boring in comparison to almost dying on a speeding segway and joining a dating website that has the same shopping cart functionality as Please excuse me while I spare you the details of making a lovely dinner for one and going to bed at 10:00pm...two weekend nights in a row. This summer is really starting off with a bang.

After narrowing down my communication to three guys on, I accepted a drink date with Contestant #3 Aurelien, The Hipster and you know what? It was the best Sunday that I have had all year. Yes, all year.

The day could not have been more perfect other than the fact that I had completely broken out. Just as I decide to 'get back out there' and start dating again, my skin decides to act out like I'm in 8th grade forcing me to put on way more make-up than I would have liked, especially on a warm summer day. 

After having my butt toned and sculpted by my favorite instructor Antoine, I headed home from the gym, took a quick shower, slipped on a sundress and headed to go meet Aurelien at the PompidouWhile approaching the contemporary art museum, I recognized him immediately, leaning against a tree, reading a book and wearing white Repetto jazz shoes; the shoes that Serge Gainsbourg and my Dad both wore. +1. 

Not knowing how to interrupt him because he was deeply into his book, I decided the best way to break him from his meditation was to touch his book, or I could have just said hello? Me being one to always choose the more awkward choice, I reached for his book which came out more like a poke. Aurelien flinched and looked up and he was quite handsome, he was actually more Kurt Cobain than Serge which was a lovely surprise. He had striking blue eyes, mousy brown hair and perfectly well-groomed stubble. +2.

The first few minutes were uncomfortable, as first meetings usually are especially after you've poked someone's book. Where I come from, book poking doesn't happen until at least the third date and in some cases the fourth. We decided to skip the museum because the day was too just too gorgeous to be inside and not having much of plan since the Beaubourg got ditched for the sun, we took a seven-hour walk around Paris. Yes, a seven-hour date. Sober. 

We walked along the Seine over Pont Neuf, through Saint Germain-des-Pres, through the Jardin Luxembourg, around the 5th, through the 6th, back up the Seine towards the 13th into the 12th into the 11th and finally stopped for a pichet of wine on Canal Saint Martin. 

We had a lot to talk about which is always a concern for me given the culture and language difference. With Monsieur Flâneur, we had become so comfortable with each other that he knew what I was trying to say even if the grammar wasn't correct or the vocabulary was off. He also pretty much said the same 100 sentences over and over, so I never had a problem understanding him. But this took a few weeks of getting into each others groove before conversation in French flowed between us. Aurelien and I faced similar difficulties truly understanding what he was saying. I felt stupid.

Language barriers aside, we had a lot in common in regard to pop culture, humor and similar tastes in music. Surprisingly, it turned out that he was more than a poet and has had a serious job for the past seven years working for an architecture firm that he actually enjoys (how un-French) and for fun, writes a website about architecture in Paris. As much as I veer towards artistic men, I am also looking for someone who is stable and somewhat happy with their life. As I am getting older, I am finding that this is an important quality to look for in a potential partner. A malcontent view on one's personal situation tends to leave the relationship vulnerable. MF hated his life choices and was constantly taking it out on us.

My third date was better than the other two and would very much like to see Aurelien again. Unlike most French men, where I can somewhat get a read if they liked me or not, I couldn't with Aurelien and will find out if there will be a sequel to our never-ending date. Croisez les doigts! 


  1. It's so cute to read about your first date knowing that things worked out between you two!

  2. It's working out, so far! On verra, on verra... :)