Day 30: Celebrate...

Woopee. Day 30. I made it. I'm not dead. I didn't fall into a black hole and die sad and alone like I had imagined a mere 30 days ago. Good news, I suppose...

What are some improvements in my life that I have made in just 30 days? Let's recap. 

-I laugh again. Not quite the gut-wrenching roars of laughter (unless it's of me Belly Dancing or doing something else totally ridiculous) but I am seeing some humor again. I would still like to laugh for real again. Next 30 days...

-I have clarity and realize that I was not living my life to the fullest when I was in the nook of my relationship. I'd become so complacent with my goals and dreams. Who was that girl? 

-I'm not angry with Monsieur Flâneur, although I never really was but I am in a place where I am practicing distance with love. 

-I'm in a loving relationship that is built on honesty and understanding with B.O.B, my Battery Operated Boyfriend. Grossly, I got this acronym from my Mom who after reading my post about my trip to Passage du Désir insists on asking how 'he' is doing. I prefer thinking that my Mom has no idea what a vibrator is and what their purpose is for. 

-I lost 6 pounds of depression weight and am experiencing the joys and wonders of fruits and vegetables. Yes, joys and wonders.

-By default, I'm learning how to cook because of how broke I am these days. Going out to eat will not be an option for a while but in the meantime, a fresh garden salad never killed anyone, eh?

-I'm building new friendships (with caution) and surrounding myself with healthy, happy people who support my goals and vice versa. 

-I'm getting more comfortable in my Belly dancing class and starting to feel more 'official'. Well not really, I still look pretty stupid, but it is the effort that counts! 

-And I have you! My loyal reader(s?). Duchess, thank you for following me on my adventures in finding myself again.

Pas mal. It's been a true spring cleaning. Looking forward to the next 30 days. What's next on the agenda?

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